Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random Ramblings

Having no idea what to write a list about today...I am just going to start typing.

1. I watched a very different movie last night called The Family Stone. The premise seemed light and entertaining but within minutes, the personalities of the characters started to grab hold of me and play out like a mystery story. It is a comedy, and a family drama and was surprisingly good. Awesome ensemble cast including the very hot Dermot Mulrooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Clare Danes, Diane Keaton, Craig Nelson and Luke Wilson.

2. I also watched the movie Domino, starring Keira Knightley. A couple years ago, Keira Knightley just rubbed me the wrong way. I loved Pirates of the Carribean movie, but she bothered me. This past summer, with the sequel to the Pirate movie, I utterly got into her acting and comedy and persona. I am now a fan of the Keira! In fact, I didn't want to watch the latest version of Pride and Prejudice, because I am a huge fan, like so many others, of the BBC six hour mini-series from the 80's. But I watched it after seeing and enjoying the Pirates sequel...and really really loved it. Flicking through the movie networks I noticed a Keira Knightley movie called Domino...and it is directed by Tony Scott, whose movies I always enjoy and learn something from his camera work, action and hardboiled tone. Stagg and I were riveted to the movie the entire time. It also stars Mickey Rourke, who I love, and Christopher Walken. It is a fast choppy compelling movie and based on a true story. Of course as soon as the movie ended I had to find out...WHO WAS this DOMINO!!!?? She was the daughter of Lawrence Harvey, yes, the actor in The Manchurian Candidate! (The film Domino even had a character watching this movie ) She was a priviledged Hollywood child who modeled and then became, a BOUNTY HUNTER! Who could make that up? The real Domino Harvey died last year and I was sorry to read about her death due to "artistic differences" and I am glad to have seen this movie and see such a different kind of person in a movie. Complex. And Tony Scott ROCKS!

3. I'd like to say something really wise and deep because it's almost New Years Eve. I kinda hate New Years Eve. The evening can go either go out, dance, meet superfreaks, get bored or luck into a fun time with a good band or a good party. I've spent many different kinds of New Years Eve...often going to a friends band, sometimes warehouse parties, sometimes asleep by 10 p.m. Although I am a massively "goal-oriented A-Type personality" I almost never make New Years resolutions. I simply can't think of anything profound or deep about New Years Eve...I could take it or leave it. I make resolutions throughout the year.

4. Okay, here is a resolution. THIS year I WILL read Bleak House by Dickens. When I started this blog, I had no idea of what I might post about...and I started by going to write about books I read. I hardly EVER post about books...but I thought I would post about Bleak House...never even read it last year.

5. Um, last some early point in the year, Stagg and I wrote a list of what we wanted to do in the coming months. We did everything on that list. So, I think we should up the ante this year if we make another list! We both seem to be people who like a list and accomplishing it...which suddenly seems to make the list have a lot more potential and responsibility...doesn't it?

6. Some of my favourite artists who have inspired me over the years, especially when I was very young, include Van Gogh, Andy Warhol,Francis Bacon, Turner(the opening image of this post), um Philip Guston(the last image posted in here at the end of the post). I think I should stop listing artists it would take all day. Perhaps I'll save these thoughts for a future week?

7.Have I "learned anything" this year. In some ways it doesn't feel like I have, but I must dig deep...I must have learned something? I learned that having a difference of opinion with ones Love isn't the end of the world...heh's okay to have different opinions. It makes for some great conversations. I have also re-learned somethings. Like about compassion, love and forgiveness. Compassion and forgiveness are personal can aplogize and forgive and it only makes a difference inside your own heart. Say, the person you "forgive" is really an act of an illusion...they might not even notice or understand, but your own heart knows. Same with looks like an act set out for others, in altruism...but the benefits are really mostly felt inside your self. Atonement works the same some ways, it is our ego that wants redemption and atonement( remember I am a Buddhist and desire is always an act of the ego according to a strict dogma...which of course, being a good Buddhist I rejected long ago ha ha)...but we want peace too with others. Yet, making such peace is private ultimately. I'm sure someone else could articulate what I'm scratching to describe right now, I don't seem to have the words.

8. Being in love and acting on it this past year has been a mirror for how much peace of mind I have...and I feel very lucky to have such a sense of peace in my life. Being in love makes it stand out strong and obvious. I felt peace of mind and happiness before...but it is all so practically played out when in love. And...there are lots of slapstick ironic feelings too...

9. What else am I thinking about today? I got to see a lot more about Stagg's family this past week. Very interesting and insightful stuff. He is the most unique his life choices seem so extreme and brave...that he chose to be an artist yet his family isn't really an artsy family. He and I have this in common, that we made a strange choice to be artists when we were both very young, little children. Most families aren't exactly thrilled when their kids want to grow up to be artists. I have found it quite fantastic to get a whole insight into his past and history as an artist this past year, in a new way. I think of Stagg and I as fairly average folks who love their world of imaginations...but it is hilarious when we look at our pasts and environment to see and did we get so "edgy or extreme" ? I've got a whole new respect for the power and magic of the imagination.

10. I think William Burroughs is the greatest American writer whose only close peers are Melville, Faulkner and Hemingway. I've always loved Burroughs, but this year I have found myself thinking about him, how he wrote and compiled such intense stories and characters and reached such a large audience whie writing about dark and dirty things yet making the novels full of great action and beauty...mixed with a sort of spiritual squalor. Even Cormac McCarthy doesn't even come close Burroughs acheivement, after all, Burroughs wrote all his life and published so many more works.

11. I love this web site

12. I love this song and video! It speaks so beautifully about love. I find it is brilliant because there are many kinds of love it can mean. Of course casting Robert Dwoney Jr. is incredible because it alludes to a self love the kind that gives us stength to take care of ourselves. Also, the love being "a different kind" can mean a gay love, a fobidden love...a Romeo and Juliet kind of love. The lyrics are so simple and brilliant and they make a huge leap and connection between sexual adventurism and bravery and the spirtual: a connection that a lot of people don't immediately see. The desire for extreme passion or feeling is "a rougher stuff" and actually a craving for a deeper and alternative love, outside our materialistic definitions of romance and love. And...most valuable, at least for me, it has always meant a spiritual love, in this song. Romantic love is easy...a spiritual love is much more work and "rougher" indeed. We are taught barely enough how to find or cultivate and share, the kind of love that pens us up to compassion and to contest the societies and environments that may or may not, frighteningly allow us to feel love or loved...but with a "different kind of love" we can learn and reject all the negative forces challenging us every day. I almost always cry or at least, get onion-eyed listening to this magnificent song.

13. This is post 404. I have been blogging for 10 months. My technorati rank is 6,141. I still have a long ways to go to beat Guy Kawasaki to Technorati Top # 10...but I started at over 2 million I'm not giving up yet. I have had 15,000 visitors so far. This is Week # 21 of my participation in Thursday Thirteen. Time flies when you're having fun!!!!

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Amy Ruttan said...

That grow cube thing is addictive!

Underground Baker said...

Wonderful list Candy!
Miss you!

Chickadee said...

I enjoyed Van Gough's paintings (well, still do) espeically his nighttime paintings. Starry Night of course, but there's another one (don't know the title) where the subject is a nighttime scene of a sidewalk cafe.

His sunflower portraits are good too.

My 13 are up. I moved my blog and this is my first 13 in my new digs.

Anonymous said...

congrats on #5, re: #8-you're lucky!

As for that video, it's funny at first how the music doesn't seem to go with it, and then it either grows into it, or my ears become accustomed to it.

Cinnamon Girl said...

Great list, and I just watched Pride and Prejudice and I did like inspight of it not being the BBC version =)

Tink said...

I see you've come up with a list and it is an interesting one too!
All the best to you and yours for the new year! Thanks for visiting my resolutions TT.

Darla said...

This TT reminds me of some of your paintings you've posted here--a variety of elements that somehow fit together. :) I'm putting the movies on my Netflix list, and the game in my bookmarks.

It's fascinating, isn't it, when you get those insights about people you love and their families? I've been drowning in insights here of late--almost too much to really absorb. It's going to take some time to process it all.

Laura said...

family stone an i want love do rock!
thanks for visiting my tt this week and
for the compliment.

Knitting Maniac said...

All good thoughts and ponderings...

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Unknown said...

A wonderful list. I hadn't heard that song before and love the video. And don't get me started on that Grow Cube. The last thing I need is another addiction. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site! Happy TT and happy New Year!

Wandering Coyote said...

Sounds like you have had a great year! I hope next year is just as good for you. You should watch Bend it Like Beckham; Keira does a great job in it. I like her acting, but man she is so skinny.

D.R. Cootey said...

I love the fact that you made a list and completed it together. That's very hard to do so my hat goes off to you.

Great TT. Thanks for commenting on mine. Have a Happy New Year!

My Thursday Thirteen

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Teena in Toronto said...

That's quite a list :)

I watched "Family Stone" today and hated it. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Suzy Snow said...

Hey Candy! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you for your visits and all your comments. I have not been good about keeping up with my blog lately but hope to be more diligent! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! See you in cyber land soon.

* (asterisk) said...

Great list, Ms Minx, thanks.

Your stuff about being in love was cute, awww! And the stuff about your families and their responses to your being artists is funny.

Red wants to watch Family Stone, and I am strangely drawn to Domino, so we'll keep you posted!

That RDJ/Elton vid is great, and all one take, which is amazing.

Anonymous said...

OOps I am way behind on reading these comments everyone...

Amy, that cube is addictive, did you try the Christmas tree...I love it!

Underground ─▒aker, Thanks asis...miss you too!

Chicakdee, Van gogh is so crazy cool...he really "stand the test of time" heh heh...and in person, standing in front of his art is just plain mindblowing I think.

Janet...yes, I felt the same way that Robert Downey Jr and the music seemed out of sync...but then it begins to wok. He smiles when he mouths the words "traffic" which is charming...and the huge building wandering through seems to add to the words...

Starlight, same here, I thought the new version of Pride and Prejudice was very charming. I still think the length of the BBc production adds to the tension and allows for the humour to be explored in the characters...but for a tough audience ofhardcore fans...the new version is still good.

Tink, thanks this week was hard for me to find a list concept, some weeks easy, some weeks more difficult.

Darla, yes, hanging out ina family group and the dynamics really showcase some of our habits, some of our blessings and some of our future challenges. It can sometimes take the weight off too, like the emotional weight or responsibility...things can sometimes seem to make sense.

Laura, anytime I can tell someone they have a great butt is an honour ha ha ha!!!

Knitting Maniac, right back at ya.

christine, I spent about a week being addicted to that grow cube. I sent it to my daughter a few months ago and she was like "thanks mom, I was late for work!" (like that was MY fault hee hee)

Wandering Coyote...funny about Keira and her weight...when we watched Domino, I was kind of shocked how skinny she was...the camera really follows her butt and waist throughout the movie...she is one skinny bitch! But a good actor...I should have seen Bend It years ago...I forgot, it's on my list!

Douglas, yes we did make a list together, and last night we started an new list for this year of things we'd lie to do. Already it includes, New Orleans, Vegas and a camcorder!

Teena, I can totally understand how you could hate The Family Stone. It wasn't a typical movie in a lot of ways...and I found some of the characters really unlikable and DARK. I hated the family for most of the movie...but there was something about how "realistic" they seemed that grew on me and I found myself really rooting for everyone to resolve their differences.

Suzy Snow, we all go through phases of working on our gets in the way sometimes, and inspiration comes and goes, no? Thanks for stopping by and happy new year to you too!

*, Yes the family thing was funny...see, Stagg has known my family for years...he hasn't met my sister yet, but talked to her a lot on the phone (when she gets off the phone with him she always says "it's like being in the movie Goodfellas" because of his deep mafia accent I guess hee hee! But I don't know Stagg's family as well...although we have gotten more time lately. It's funny because now I'm like, "no wonder you obsess about HOW you take out the garbage" or some such thing...because I can see how his parents do things. On the holidays, a weird situation occured which I immediately went into "calm blue ocean calm blue ocean" and saw...well there is where Stagg gets his wariness or some such ya know? Yes...I would say being an artist in a family of generations of people with little or no interest in art or literature has always felt like you're from another planet. At least when you're ina band...families could say, well maybe he'll be a rock one ever feels relief about maybe they'll sell a painting ha ha ha ha!

Red said...

We flirted with the idea of renting The Family Stone today in the library, but it's a hard sell for *: a rom-com(ish) with SJP? He's lost interest already. Though he quite likes the girl from The Notebook and she's in it, so who knows, maybe one day.

In the end we got Junebug and The Chorus, neither of which we know anything about! We used to be so clued up about films and now we're such innocents when we go anywhere near those shiny discs of joy. Anyway, these two DVDs, along with the rest of SURVIVOR, should be anough to see us through to the New Year.

We are DEVOURING Survivor! We had to force ourselves to go to bed last night, or we probably would have finished the series in one long, night-time sitting! We have got as far as Nasty Candice being voted out! Woo hoo! I loved that they kept sending her to Exile Island! Ozzy to win!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is quite a 13.

Can you come do my lists?!?!?!

I did not know you were a buddhist. Cool, I am reading/listening to Pema Chodren right now. Love her. I would never say I am a buddhist, but I love all the principles and feel so good read about it.

Are you sleeping yet? I am mutating into someone who does not sleep. I finally broke down and bought melatonin, valerian and skullcap. Last night was better.

Have a wonderful 2007!

Anonymous said...

Red, I am so glad you are enjoying the tapes of Survivor. I thought this season was SO GOOD!!! Yes, I was so pleased when Candace got the boot. You've got some real fun ahead of you now.

Well, I wouldn't really call The Family Stone a romcom. It's got a dark side, the characters are not very likeable. I am going to watch it again tonight, I thought many things were very well done in the movie, so time to study it!

Nancy...I am sleeping a lot better. As soon as the xmas was over I slept like a maybe it was some kind of family jitters thing? Or just excitement. BUT...I am making sure I exercise for the past week, rather intensensely...that makes all the differene. Today we are going downtown, but I want to walk all OVER the downtown! I am very drug and herb sensitive, so I don't really want to get into valerian root. I will over react to almost any herb tincture...which is good I guess in the long run.

Gardenia said...

candy - leave it to you to be so deep, thought-ful and to touch so many cords in mah haid! Enjoyed this post so much.

I wanted to be an artist ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon - but my parents definitely did everything they could to discourage me......took a lot of years until I ventured on to serious art school.....and I want so much more.........more, more, more! Can't wait to get back here- - silver jewelry design - yeh! Anyway if I look at family historical death lines - I do have some time left, lots & lots, yay!

Again, thanks for the great post....someday I will get brave enough with my time to commit to delving into Thursday 13

wewerethecoolkids said...

I can't stand Sarah Jessica Parker so I mostly watched this movie for the brilliance of Diane Keaton.
I highly suggest you see "The Devil Wears Prada" with Meryl Streep if you haven't.

Buttercup said...

You must have HBO b/c I just watched Family Stone and almost watched Domino! I had a different take on Family Stone. I hated SJP's character and thought the romance b/w her and Luke Wilson's character was totally unrealistic. Plus, I also can't see McDermot and Danes. I loved Diane Keaton though.

Are you really a Buddhist? I aspire to be more Buddhist in my life.