Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yesterday's Drawings

Last night when Stagg gets home he says check out these drawings. I look at them and kind of laugh...I say they're great...but now you have to go see what I drew today...we couldn't have more different drawings!

And these two are mine! I did these while at Art Group yesterday. I almost never draw like this not since high school. I thought it was so funny there is Stagg drawing skulls and vices and I might as well be drawing unicorns. Heh heh.

It's kind of spooky though...because I didn't notice that I was drawing all these "hand" images.

Art Group was awesome yesterday...last week Stagg was on holiday so he came too and he met some cool people. We've given away all the art supplies and sketch books we had I need to get more donations. I also want to arrange a little fundraiser. I was thinking of some kind of coffeeshop see if a cafe will lend us their space for a party.

Meanwhile a couple of the people who have taken art sketch books with them...have come back to the group to show us what they've worked on. It's know how the idea of sometimes kids "slip through the fingers of a school system" is an adage...well there are people who have slipped through decades. I mean the reality...that people who have had jobs or been in school...and had all this artistic talent and drive...and no one facilitated one hoed in on it. one point some of these people had jobs. They had this talent and it kills me hat no one noticed their talent and visual intelligence and hand to eye coordination. It breaks my heart. If any employers stop by here...think about this...what hidden talents are int he people who work for you? What could be discovered about someone you work with and helped to blossom into new ways of working. Oh I could just pull my hair out.

We've had some busy days at Art Group. Last week when Stagg was there a whole family came in, uncles, two mums dad and two little kids and a newborn. The kids went crazy for about an hour then boom gone. I really want to come up with more ways to build up this service and experience for everyone involved...hmm...have to put on my thinking cap...


tweetey30 said...

Those drawings are awsome Candy.. Great job both of you. I stopped by his blog earlier today because you signed into thehealingrooms blog with his name... LOL.. He has some great drawings there. I love looking.N..

Candy Minx said...

Hi Tweetey...thats cool you stopped by Stagg's blog. Nope...that was him over at Healing Rooms last night. It's true sometimes he forgets to sign out of his blog..but he was blog hopping last night. He does a lot of drawing when he's traveling the transit and stuff...or during his lunch hour. I rarely sit down and draw..I'm more of just gointo the painting. It was very relaxing at Art Group the other day to just doodle away...


Ink Casualty said...

You could have given the swan a horn
just like ever good Russian rhino snorter should have

Candy Minx said...

You and your horns! Have you got horn?

Hey buddy big hugs!

Underground Baker said...

Hi Candy

Your work with Art Group is so great - inspiring.

big hug your way!