Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Cats With Big Hearts And A Moving Van

Morgan and Nico (inside the box) helping with the box inspections. What you didn't know you have to inspect boxes when you move?

Our friend Andy got a fantastic new job that is great for his future in magazines and editing. I am very happy that Andy got a great new job...but sad he is moving away because his job is in another state. I had a big cry. I'm terrible with goodbyes...but I am pretty glad we got to work together. Andy has already started his new job at a Gun Magazine but came back to town to finish moving. We had a riot with Art Group and hes just a great guy. Everyone at Art Group asks about him and they say "you've got to go where the work is".

His friend Joe, Stagg and our neighbour Jessica all got together at Andy's to help him move and have snacks and beer.


* said...

Cats 'n' boxes, huh? :)

Candy Minx said...

I know, they are so silly. I get my cat love vicariously.

bettythegeek said...

I love how cats MUST get into an empty box.

X. Dell said...

(1) Boxed cat? Is that what's for boxed lunch?

(2) Been catching up with your page. I woke up, completely American, I'm afraid. I did wonder, though, if I might wake up Ghanian tomorrow.

Actually, I seem to recall a Japanese law that allowed foreigners of Nipponese decent to declare Japanese citizenship. A number of the folks who went back came from Peru (ironically, during the tenure of President Fujimora), to find out that they weren't very Japanese at all.

Since Canadian and US culture have so many cultural overlaps, and you're only talking about two generations, I don't suppose it would be such a big deal. Then again, you might think, "Well, there goes the neighborhood."

(3) Hmmm. You rail against shits. I rail against bourgeois hegemony. They're kinda similar, in my mind. The imposition of cultural and personal values that stress needless asceticism, self-righteousness, conformity, and deference to recognized authority. I could imagine that in terms of a personal relationship, that could result in quite a power struggle for two people of equal disposition along those lines. A shit getting close to a Johnson, however, seems more like bullying.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Betty, I know, everywhere you go cats love cardboard boxes!

Hey X-Dell, You're right there are tons of croos overs with Canada and U.S. Heck, lets face it...th U.S. has the biggest most profound export of pop culture and it's it's best feature!!! What was missing in that public service ad was beer and donuts. And comedians! As for the shits...I believe William Burroughs would have agreed with you that the bourgeois hegemony is part of the shits. I think some poor Johnsons do get into relationships with shits. Tragic. I have noticed that the shits do rally around each other and suck on each others smarminess. In Dickens...it takes a while for the characters in "David Copperfeild" to realize what a shit Uriah Heep is...and what a bully he is!

tweetey30 said...

Selfish thoughts but at least with one friend living closer to another friend we can get together when you come this way easier.. We wont be going to Milwaukee tomorrow if you read this before tomorrow. Our finances again... Will it ever end... Talk to you soon..

Anonymous said...

Hey Candy, I'm back on line! Thanks for posting these pictures, it's nice to look at them. Sigh.

I'll have to send you a couple shots of my new beige apartment. At least I have a nice big floor for tai chi, and I'm looking out over the apple trees and the highway right now. Kind of a different view but not so bad.

Miss you! Say hi to Stagg...