Thursday, April 30, 2009

Savoy Music

I have been going through some photos...oh's like organizing photos is a lifelong deal. One file for transferring pics from camera, then moving them into iPhoto and categories..but I like that it pretty much has removed going to the camera shop to get pics developed. I used to rush down to Yonge Street to a big "Japan Camera" for a one hour photo's nice that we can get pictures so fast. The joke is...I've got pics I haven't even sorted....and then you sort and find some gems. I completely was thrilled to find these pictures of the Savoy Music in Eunice, Lousianna. We went there with Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P and landed up meeting Marc Savoy. What a treat! Stagg and I bought some cds of Savoy Family and a video of "How To Cajun Dance".

A great little film above... with archival photos.If you have ten minutes it's really interesting! About 2 minutes into it are Marc and Ann Savoy.

The video above looks like it could have been made by Guy Maddin! :)

Savoy holds a degree in chemical engineering but his primary income is derived from his accordion-making business, based at his Savoy Music Center in Eunice, Louisiana. His wife is the singer and guitarist Ann Savoy, whom he met in 1975. He has performed with Dewey Balfa, D. L. Menard, and Michael Doucet, the latter of whom he plays with in the Savoy-Doucet Band.


1.) LSU
2.) Savoy Music web page.


Anonymous said...

Yea right Minxo, you met Marc Savoy. You are so full of shit. No wonder blackhiller always gets so angry with you and calls you a liar. He has friends over there who agree with him. And your "movie" sucks...what a stupid title "the slut's bedroom".

Candy Minx said...

Ha ha ha. Let me guess..."croc"? Listen pal, you gotta cut back on drinking all that Haterade. I can't even imagine why you lose sleep over some of this stuff. It's fantastic if you think "the sluts bedroom" is a bad title or a bad movie. Go for it. It's supposed to provoke a response.

As for god, what are you on? Poor Blackhiller is just an angry guy. He writes in a style that reveals his insecurity...he is always "on the fence" about every subject. I been visiting the forum for 14 years. He and I had an argument from day one. He was writing a paper about christianity and McCarthy's intent or something. I disagreed with him. He's been pissed ever since. I suspect professors are so used to being "experts"...they don't like it when someone disagrees with them. You can have him.


There are two kinds of people says William Burroughs...a Johnson and a Shit. Blackhiller is a shit..plain and simple. It ain't no mystery. I couldn't care less what some angry guy like Blackhiller thinks or what his friends think.

Good grief.

I'm too busy having fun...

Molotov said...

Good music videos.

Here anonymous since your at candy blog you should read it

'In contrast to the honorable world of hobos and criminals, Burroughs describes a type of person known simply as a "Shit". Unlike the Johnsons, Shits are obsessed with minding other people's business. They are the town busy body, the preacher, the lawman. Shits are incapable of taking the honorable road of each-to-his-own. Burroughs describes the situation in his essay "My Own Business" thus:

"This world would be a pretty easy and pleasant place to live in if everybody could just mind his own business and let others do the same. But a wise old black faggot said to me years ago: 'Some people are shits, darling.' I was never able to forget it.'

mister anchovy said...

Har I say...well I can vouch for "Minxo" on this one, cause I was there in beautiful Eunice Louisiana with her, Stagg and Tuffy P. Hey Candy, I just ordered the most recent Savoy Family Band CD.

Candy Minx said...

Hey Mister Anchovy, every on eis a critic huh? Har! I bet that is going to be one good cd from the Savoy family. I really enjoyed looking at videos of the Savoys on YouTube this morning.