Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Beater With A Heater

We have been going through craigslist and grocery store bulletin boards for vehicles. Yesterday we walked along a street that had tons of secondhand cars for sale. It's kind of fun. Some kind of car we can use while we are staying at grandmas. It makes sense because we've had to get around all over and spent a lot on transportation. We also think it would really change up visibly if we had more stuff in the car and bigger paintings. Sometimes people ask if we have more art and larger. We also just don't know whT the next few months are going to hold. Our vision boards have a lot of ideas! It was pretty funny going into car lots and asking if they had a car with stick shift for $500. We can't afford an electric car and the next most envirofriendly car is getting a manual transmission. Besides stick shift is a REAL car ha ha.

I also feel like I don't have a lot to blog about. Right now I'm sitting in bed watching Regis and Kelly for the first time in weeks typing this from my phone. Mostly we just run around doing crazy errands the last few weeks. It feels so good to just sit in my pjs. One funny thing that has surprised Stagg and would probably surprise a lot of people is I've been okay with not watching Ll my shows and movies. We don't have a tv anymore or DVD player they totally melted. We can't even imagine amday we could go buy a tv ya know? We figure at this point we're pushing it by getting some kind of vehicle. Grandmas tv doesn't have cable and all shows cut out. Sometimes when I can't sleep I watch this crazy retro channel with shows like Perry Mason or Policewoman or Mary Tyler Moore. Combined with the cut off neighborhood in boonies the grandma furniture it's like we're in another world and era. Then of course the planes flying over cut out half the shows reception. Argh. But the surprisenfor Stagg is that I am not missing watching all my shows and pop crude. He thought I was just addicted ha ha. But I don't even know who is still on Survivor. Or what's happening on Bravo shows I usually watch heh heh. I am completely out of it with tv and pop culture. I did near the vey sad news about Elizabeth Edwards and her can er. The whole situation with John Edwards is really compelling is 't it? Immean he could have been President, he might ha e had th chance to be even more popular than Barack Obama.

Sometimes I've lucked out with one of my beloved British mysteries on PBS. I ha e caught a couple Wallander which I love he is a Swedish cop and it's such a cool series. I like both versions one from Sweden and one from UK. Also Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis. I am crazy about th youn actor Lawrence Fox on that series. I will one day just rent or download the othe tv shows I normally watch. It's just pike we are on a massive camping trip staying at grandmas in the burbs.

I had the most exciting news yesterday. My friend Tricia is suddenly back from Scotland!!!! She had planned to be overseas for a few more months but suddenly had to come back to US. I am sorry she had to cut br trip shorter but selfishly I am beyond excited to have her back. We talked on th phone and I almost started crying I was so excited and she is coming to stay with us for a couple days today or tomorrow. We already started thinking about cool road trips to plan.

Okay time to make coffee....


Anonymous said...

Oi Candy! It's Darrick ... check your email. Time sensitive message in there. I'll call you when I get home from work. Don't have your number on me.


wed. 12-08-10

Candy Minx said...

Darrick, Ok I am on it!

And breaking news our friend Jim just called us fromthe hospital he was asmitted unexpectedly this morning so we are off to see him, sounds in good spirits but somethings fuxked up on his good leg....meditatations and prayers for him pleases

X. Dell said...

(1) Here's hoping you and Tricia can have some good times--and soon.

(2) I think any democrat who would have won in 2008 would have faced a relentless PR campaign against them, and would have suffered in the popularity department. And though it wasn't completely unexpected, Edwards' death is a sad thing amidst personal upheaval.

(3) Perhaps you are in another land in another time: namely, the 1960s.

(4) There's a lot here in Cincinnati where you could probably find a car for under five bills, but I'd doubt if you could find a stick. Personally, I prefer manual transmissions myself. After driving one in New York, however, my left leg grew really big and muscular. It was difficult to find jeans that fit.

(5) That's fantastic that you can post by telephone. Is it expensive? I never use the web function on my own, because I just had the impression that it cost too much.

X. Dell said...

My best wishes for your friend, Jim.

mister anchovy said...

Well, good timing getting a vehicle because just the other day I read in the paper that here in Toronto, Mayor Ford has announced that the war on the car is officially over. Meanwhile, Spacing was quick off the mark responding to Cherry's goofball comments by coming out with "Bike Riding Pinko" buttons. Har!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tricia!

Say hi for me!

Hope Jim is feeling better!


Candy Minx said...

X Dell, the 60's it is around here. Um, my phone plan seems to contain usage of going online. My phone has a wifi option which I use a lot. I sure HOPE I won't get too many surprises when the first bill comes in, oh scary! Oh and "stick" is the same as manual transmission...which I really prefer, better on gas, cheap and less emissions etc etc. I love driving manual in NYC!!! What a rush!

Our friend Jim is doing pretty good. He'll be in hospital for a couple days.

Mister Anchovy, well no one needs a car in Toronto but it is a nice treat. I had very mixed feelings about getting a car especially not electric or environmentally friendly...but we are kind of at a loss here and feel more or less we have to get one at least for where we are staying. The buttons sound funny...depressing election as far as I can tell overall though.

Hey Andy hopefully Tricia and us and you will all hang out soon!

Candy Minx said...

Hey X Dell, you know...if you see this...I'd LOVE to know what your take on the Wikileaks story is.

And I guess sadly you are right on about any democrat person in leadership after 2008. somehow the idea of Edwards blowing such potential to be Pres is part of the feeling of "Greek Tragedy" surrounding the whole situation for me.