Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Ready

Last night we chilled around the house after a hectic day of shopping for groceries and Scott had to build this table to fit 20. He did it! We ate here and tested out the benches he also made. We had chicken pastry and some wine and it was good and then we watched Two Mules For Sister Sara. I really enjoyed the cinematography because I could actually see iton their ginormous tv lol. I had never noticed before that the two mules were the one Shirley MacLaine is riding...and the other is the stubborn Clint Eastwood character. It's an especially charming movie because it is true to the stylistic vision of spagetti weesterns but it is messing with the rom com genre. It's like The African Queeen in mexico. I was also surprised to note with this viewing it was filmed entirely in Mexico.

Here is the table with a great big tablecloth, and set up for tonight. Not bad. And below is Scott, Jill and Stagg doing various errands to be ready for the party. Jill and Scott set up a shooter bar at the front door so that when you walk in you can share a shot of vodka, which I thought was a pretty fun idea....okay I am off to join up with everyone...Have a fantastic Festivus everyone!!!!! And have a happy happy holiday!!!!

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mister anchovy said...

great party! It was so great to see everyone. Dinner at the grand table was perfect!