Saturday, December 11, 2010

Come On Daisy Don't Drown Me This Time

The song above is one of my all time favourite songs. I listened to this song over and over in my car driving to NYC and Vancouver in the summer of 2000. I've never seen the video before. Still looking at cars. I had no idea that stick shift is so unpopular in the U.S. Having a lot of trouble finding a car with manual transmission. Especially with a time constrait we want to get a car by end of this week. Looking at a Camry tomorrow.

And this is such a cool story, that a piece of land may have sunk in Africa with evidence of human culture...

  • And here is a good article on Chicago Pubs
  • thanks for the heads up Bloggerboy!


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for that. Sent me over to YouTube to look up Catherine Wheel. I liked the couple songs that I played, but neither quite as much as this one. It would be a great road tune.


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    I had only ever heard this song once, in an ad for either Lovefilm or Filmfour a few years ago, and I've been in search of the artist and song title ever since.

    Over the years, I'd hopefully trot out the one line of the song that stuck with me, the "Daisy don't" one, to anyone that would listen to my mad ramblings, but no one was able to tell me what it was. In fact, some went as far to suggest that I was making the whole thing up! Man, I've got to stop hanging out with people that listen exclusively to Capital FM! :(