Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Stagg and I are sitting in a place not far from his grandmAs place that his grandmOther used to work at. It's called sallys pancake house. Um I mean the original sallys pancake house most famous for the apple pancake. She worked here in the 70s. We're nursing coffee. Stagg is sketching and drawing and I am making use of the wifi. It's been pretty major winter weather. Very cold although today is warm. This week we did more paperwork picked up a fire report in the spithside. Stagg did some busking. We clocked in some manor time at a local cafe with desktop computers we could use and wifi for this phone. I am posting this from the phone. I watched a really cool Italian mystery on PBS I forgot his name but it had English subtitles and was really good character as detective. My friend Tricia was back in town And it was so good to see her. I took a quick workshop about this phone and am getting the hang of it. It really might be one of the greatest things. I thought Donna Summers was robbed !!! She has been nominated to re hall of fame for a couple of years now. Bit I was pleased to see Alice Cooper and Tom waits to be inducted. I also found the nominations for golden globes kind of interesting and dare I say even a little eccentric. I wasnsurprised by "the kids are all right" nomination. Haven't seen it but looking forward to it. Of course visitors already know I am all for "the social network" and think it should get best pic at every award show ha ha. Imwasncjriois that "true Grot" didn't get nominated be size the trailers look massive. Stagg says also pipes in and says hi looking up from his coffe. Over and out for now.


Janet said...

I was thrilled Dr. John was nominated!

X. Dell said...

I guess telephones have come a long way since the days of "reach out and touch someone." Apparently, you can now reach out and touch everybody.

I see that you're tackling this problem with verve and amplomb. I just hope that you don't have to tackle it for too long. The paperwork alone would get me down.

mister anchovy said...

I can't wait to see True Grit!!

Candy Minx said...

Yes Janet, agreed! Tom Waits too huh? I wonder what kind of paraphenalia will show up at the hall of fame with these two guys?

X Dell, the aperwork would have been okay if it was "just one more thing" getting a fire report for the library. We go, get it, and they want a DIFFERENT fire report. ARGH!!!

Mister Anchovy, me too. Jeff Bridges was great on SNL last night, did you see? And Eminem just killed the place with his opening number with Lil Wayne.

Gardenia said...

Loved this running trail of thoughts - and your tour in photos :) Felt like I could reach out and touch you.

Thinking of you!