Saturday, December 04, 2010

What Am I Listening To...

I am listening to some new releases of pop music. I love Eminem's new album. LOVE IT: he can do no wrong! (really good interview with him in last months Rolling Stone btw)I didn't think I was interested in Kanye West's new album but our friend Izzo on Thanksgiving convinced me to give it a listen and its really good. This week Chicago paper The Reader really trashes her debut album. I don't know, I think the author was way too hard on her and I guess if they expected her bisexual and nasty songs to always remain that...then this record which is a kind of experiment with pop would be a disapopointment. I think the review is worth reading though. What The Reader author is disappointed with is what really interests me. Here we have a naughty girl evey bit as tough and sexual working in the tradition of Kathy Acker, Pauline Reage Wendy O. Williams or Courtney Love going mainstream...and I like to see what that looks like...I think shifting from outsider or "the other" and trying to go pop is facinating. anyways so far I like this album, sure it's not as nasty as her previous bootleg stuff...but it's fun and I don't see it as a sell out but an experiment and an artist trying something different.


Underground Baker said...

Hi there Candy,

Wow, you have been so busy - no wonder you have a headache!

I'm so glad you have the whole cell phone computer thing happening.

Your dinner looks fantastic - and I have an internal sigh of relief going on seeing the paints up and running.

I miss you.


tweetey30 said...

hey woman check you e-mail.. please.. i think i e-mailed you for your home address or where you are staying and also leave your phone number again please. I would love to go back to Chicago sometime and meet up.. We were there a week ago this last Saturday..

Candy Minx said...

Hey Underground Baker, I think headache is from sleep dep. See new post. Just forced myself to lay down and sleep with pillow on head to cut noise. Lol. Tweeter, sorry to miss you. It will be great to get together here again. I don't know what we are up the rest of month. As soon as we get our paperwork in order I foresee road trip...but let's stay in touch. That's Nheads up to you too Kili!! Hint hint