Monday, December 20, 2010

Football, Shiraz And Minestrone

Ah. Having a moment. A much needed moment. Sitting at a little bar on the south side with the Vikings Bears game. Stagg has a Chianti and I have a Shiraz. Yummers. I love soup but I do not like minestrone. Minestroni is too often made from left over soup. But I thought I'd try some tonight with Stagg but it is watery tasting confirming my worst fears. I am gonna stick with the shiraz. I am now addicted to the game "angry birds". Football and puter game at once, excellent. Too fun. It is snowing quite a bit right now bit we are warm and cozy and totally psyched for winter festivities.


mister anchovy said...

Good ministrone though, is quite the thing.

Gardenia said...

Some day I will make you a minestrone that is exquisite. :)

Glad for the warmth in this post -