Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Good Morning

One thing that has been kind of cool this past month has been that Stagg andI have been out in the city pretty much all day. We left on public transit at 6 this morning and probably won't be back to sleep till late tonight. We've been doing lots of paperwork stuff. A hassle but the good side is being out and about like slackers or flaneurs. Right now we are at a rather famous coffee shop using the wifi. Stagg comes up to me after ordering our coffee and asks what do I tip on $13.00?. I say 13 bucks what the fuck did you order? We're laughing because like he always gets some kind of crazy drink mocha frapaccino orange foamy extravaganza. The situation is tiring though. Lots of line ups in governement offices for id etc. I sleep like shit at grandmas. Her house is right under the landing zone for O'Hare. I thought I was going nuts like I couldn't sleep at all. So I googles "health issues with flight paths". And there is risk. Heart attacks high blood pressure and strokes are higher stats. Wow at least I wasn't imaging things I for sure feel my blood pressure go up during "sleep". Returning to other good things this month is a feeling that a different door has opened. Two friends said two interesting concepts to us. One was that fire is refinement our buddy Tony from our Skylark book club said that. And Jason said how fire is rebirth these metaphors keep surfacing for Stagg and I.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Been thinking about you lots... I'm planning to come down around Dec. 18... Let's hang OUT!


Candy Minx said...

All right!!!!

X. Dell said...

(1) In response to Stagg's question, from $1.95-$2.60 (10-15%).

(2) I think O'Hare was the reason why pharmaceutical companies invented sleep aids.

(3) Hoping the bureauwalk doesn't diminish your spirit too much.

(4) This post reminds me of a 1969 movie made near O'Hare over the course of a weekend. The crew had to keep stopping the production because a plane would fly overhead and disrupt everything.

I'm thinking you and Stagg can make a cheap movie forty-one years later and let it finance a nice lakefront condo?

Just wishful thinking on my part. Still....

Gardenia said...

Thank you for the info on flight paths - we live right at the back door of the Navy base - the Blue Angels practice over our roof twice a week - the animals quake and hide, we sometimes duck in our own living rooms. I have wondered what effects might have on health AND our home - will it fall into sticks in 80 years from all the shaking - not to mention, when I was walking so much the chemicals and fumes from the fuel is quite heavy at times. In paradise lurks pain - oil in layers in our Gulf, jet fuel in the air . . .

Oh, check your apt. mail box end of week. I am notorious for stalling on mail - but I did, it - mailed you a card!

Fire - very symbolic, yes, the Phoenix rising one too - I pray you are filled with hope most of all -

Intuition - I feel that the coming year will contain Breakthroughs - BUT there will be struggle in attaining those breakthroughs - but its ok - life is a struggle often - spiritually we are in some very interesting times - the other day I was wondering why it is so hard to get things done compared to how it was years ago, when I could do five times as much five times faster - and I truly feel like there is a shift in the universe and time has been literally shortened. Weird, huh?

Thinking of you so much. Give Stagg my love too.

Candy Minx said...

X Dell what an inventive set of comments! I a
Curious about that 1969 movie. I heard that aircraft noise was one reason movies can't be filmed here and another is because of the wind. The tv here cuts out everytime an aircraft goes over so I never hear an entire news story and I never find out "who dunnit" on my British mysteries.

Gardenia, I grew up on military bases and aircraft never bothered me that I recall. I think flying maneuvers are less invasive and more random. I suspect it's the constant repetitive aircraft vibrations and noise . Its not even white noise I feel bad for your pets and animals . I really thought that people would just get used to the noise but the health side effects really surprised me. I will be checking mail avidly my love!

ashramblings said...

I empathise with the noise induced bad sleep, it is train horns here rather than aeroplanes and to compound it a scratching and scurrying rat the past few nights. Although I still prefer total silence to sleep in, the bangs, creeks, grunts and groans of a wooden ship for 8 months changed my noise intolerance level quite a lot. So no more fire symbolism but that's my water story.