Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Event Horizon! Total Insanity! Candy Melt! Foodie Attack!

We've had Cuban, Persian, Peruvian. And more. Above Peruvian breakfast.

Spider John Koerner. Awesome.

Our hosts at play.

Jim Higgins and Spider John Koerner.

Okay...not the best picture, sorry about that. I was trying not to use my flash as to avoid disturbing the musicians with lights in their eyes. But here is a bit of a close up of what Jim Higgins calls "South Russel Strteet Ryhthm Section" or "Bandaid". He said in Boston they are called the former.

We spent a whole day...8 hours busking in Coconut Grove. We more or less take turns busking. One of us is with the art work talking to people and the other goes for a walk, or lunch, or stretches a bit. One of the things that is kind of interesting about Cocnut Grove is that even though it may be yuppified it isn't what you might think of as gentrified. It has still kept a feeling of the downtown area as unique. The only chain I saw was Starbucks and Subway. Most of the shops still feel like the boutiques I remember from the old days of Coconut Grove. (more on that later)

And more and more food! Its a conspiracy to feed us till we burst! Peruvian heavenly yumminess.


furiousBall said...

I LOVE Peruvian food! No I have to wipe all this drool off of my keyboard!

mister anchovy said...

I'm a fan of Spider John's music! That's so great you could see him play live. I'm very only consolation was seeing Levon Helm and Lucinda Williams last Saturday at Massey.

Anonymous said...

Geez I need to catch up. But now you're making me hungry!


Candy Minx said...

Furious, the Peruvian food was awesome so filling! And the Cuban fare in Miami is to die for.

Mr A we were really lucky Rick pretty much said we had to stay an extra night in order to see Spider John. I am so glad we did!

Andy I will cook you a big feast to compensate whenever we get back to Chitown.