Monday, March 14, 2011

Pirate's Alley, Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans

Setting up our paintings. And yes, we've been painting outside! And tiring. We've been outside all day for the past few days. We get back to our room and I just want to flop. Have some dinner and maybe a drink...and often asleep by 11. Funny huh? Lots of walking around too. We take turns at our spot and then run errands. Today we made a mail run and got some groceries.

Within an hour of arriving in New Orleans we had to go to Cafe Du Monde. Been back every day!

Some of Stagg's favourite things...hats!

Walking home under the bleachers on St Charles left over from Mardi Gras.

My "studio"!!!

We bought two paintings!

Saturday was crazy with people in the Quarter. There are so many musicians playing and so many of them are really really talented. You could easily spend a whole day just listening to the different bands set up on corners all over the French Quarter.

"Princess" the bff of a fellow we've spent a lot of time talking to who lives year round at the guest house weve been staying at.


X. Dell said...

This has become a really interesting travelogue.

I'd say you're getting your money's worth out of that car you just bought.

Gardenia said...

What a fun post. Makes me wish for more freedom.....:)

Love the clown cat, though I hate clowns, but that is too cute!

Candy Minx said...

X Dell thank you man! Were staying busy and the car has been amazing. Guess what? You can park in the French quarter! Two hours. I just keep moving the aqua colored beast.

Dear Gardernia Stagg says that cat is Psycho on Halloween! And he says hi! In response to your comment in last post... We actually were thinking you might drive down if we had a big enough room in guest house. How about Saturday if we can get you a room?

Gardenia said...

Oh, let me think for a few hours - It wouldn't hurt Sage to stay at his home for a day - it would be much needed - things going on here - I am so much down, fighting way back up tho.

Candy Minx said...

Okay...hang in there let me see what we can do on this end...okay? Keep your spirits up! I'll phone when we know the exact days...