Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stay Weird!

We've been to Texas a couple times down in San Antonio, Houston and stuff...but we hadn't ever made it to the LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD. So we have stopped off in Austin Texas. Wow, what a wild place. I have to admit you should have seen how pleased we both were to get into an actual hotel room. With a pool. We got into the shower and then the pool after all the grime build up of busking (yes we showered but theres just so much you can do after two weeks of busking and camping and staying up and walking etc etc). So we had an amazing shower and swim then downtown to explore America the weird!


muppie said...

I am so enjoying reading all about your road trip and seeing your wonderful photos. I haven't been commenting (and in the process forgot how, so my apologies if this has posted twice), but I want you to know how much your blog posts have brightened my days during this long, cold, snowy Ontario winter,
Happy trails,

mister anchovy said...


Martin Porter said...

Hi Candy, Nworleens is a beautiful place, almost comparable to my native Norwich. Great pics and adventure stories!

Check out

Shakespeare And Movie Versions > 'All's Well That End's Well'

--- you may wish to add something.


Gardenia said...

Am so laughing about the shark on the side of the building - I'm glad I don't live there. On the other hand I do live in an area where one walks through a shark's mouth to get into a store, but the beach is here - a shark on the side of a building in the middle of town in Austin.....bless those Texans' hearts, tee hee - oooohhhh, Americana. :)