Monday, March 21, 2011

Is The world Still Turning?

Not so easy to keep up on what's going on in the world when we are getting our hustle on in the French Quarter or driving on the Interstates. At one point when we got to Venice Florida to stay with pur friends parents we found out all he'll had broken loose in Lybia. I mean Libya. We have been so out of it sometimes news wise that it's like we get a tv report or someone we meet at a bar or busking mentions the news and were like WHAT?!

So all the craziness of the news has so awful too. Japan. What a nightmare. So so scary. And now PM Harper has gone and bombed Libya. You all know how I feel about Harper he is a no good right winger extremist. It was bad enough that he got our troops to likely hand over prisoners to countries likely breaking the Geneva conventions. Now this. Ergh!

So many exciting movements for freedom and having a voice are happening in oppressed countries. I know my friend Sharona will be thinking all these news stories all the rejection of dictatorship is because we are coming up on 2012. And she might be on to something. The metaphor of the Mayan calendar and 2012 is "a time of great change". I know that it's the Internet and communication that has got under the wings of young people in oppressed areas... But the idea of a time of great change is a beautiful one. Even we need to think about japan and the challenges of nature tearing apart what humans have built.

We have met so many cool people on this trip. I don't even know how I am going to express or keep track of the amazing people we've met. Our stay at the hostel in the Garden District has been so cool. We left the camp site a few days ago and moved back into St Vincents which used to be an orphanage and is now a guest house /hostel in the garden district. I posted a pic of Proncess the doggie who is D.Ts bff. DT lent us sun hats for busking, we bought two paint-by-number Jesus paintings from him and he helped me when the car wouldn't start. He is retired from NYC and just a cool guy. He has a bike he does his adventures on with a basket for princess to rode around. The car kept not starting and I thought it was the battery but turns out it was the button switch under the clutch. But D. T. Helped jump start it. He gave us medicine for our sunburns. He just totally adopted us. And he told us all kinds of stuff and things about the hood. We met two ther people L and B who are also full time residents at the hostel. L left her job as a flight attendant after raising a family and she always knew shed live in new Orleans some day. I feel this massive camaraderie with these folks. They always took so much interest in our trip and busking and adventure.

Then there was a guy we call "I'm not the mayor" who hangs out and seems to be the leader of all the drunks who stay on park benches 23/7 in the French quarter. They just drink all day and night there. And I'm not the mayor is their warlord. And he talks and knows everybody which included us.

It's just been a crazy learning curve...

Although we had set out with the idea to find warm weather to take our art to the streets a lot of this trip has been about Stagg and I and how we are handling all the trip and changes.


Candy Minx said...

It's tricky to post from my phone I can't really edit. What I was trying to say is Stagg and I are learning a lot about each other on this trip. We have good days and bad but usually way more good dsys. It's scary when we rely on the car on luck and seems more heightened pm the road. Our challenges seem so lame compared to all the powerful news in the world. We ate so lucky. It seems so wrong to be caught up in any of our own doubts or fears.

Have many photos to post in the next few days. No acess to load pics at this moment. Back later.

X. Dell said...

(1) Will wait for the pics.

(2) It might seem like the world flipped out over the past couple of weeks, but I would see it partly in terms of synchronicity--i.e., it all had to happen on your trip.

(3) I'm hoping that the good days trounced the bad days--as opposed to just beating them out at the buzzer.

jual beli rumah said...

Great! It is cool to see this. I learned something new

Candy Minx said...

X-Dell yes the good has easily outweighed some of the trickier times heh heh. There have just been a few times where we've wondered what should we do are we crazy. Harder for Stagg than for me. He's used to more planned days and he has trepidation about camping. He worries about what could go wrong. But we are having some pretty cool experiences overall. Change is weird.

Jual thanks for saying hi!

tweetey30 said...

Hey there. Hope the trip is going well and you find your way home sometime soon.. Miss you and your comments..

Stagg camping is a great opportunity. I wish Jeff and I could do more of it.. Miss you both. Hugs and have a safe trip down there and make lots of money busking..

Sounds like so much fun.

Tavita said...

Im hoping to get in contact with Anthony Stagg. I found his blog but he hasn't updated in a while but I saw the link to yours. If so could you have him email me at I understand this is all very odd, but its concerning a friend of his.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Tavita, I am Staggs wife and he is going to email you in a few minutes. Thanks for your message here, good thinking.

Gardenia said...

Hey - checking in on ya'll. What an adventure. I think you should write a book - a book-ette? Something! Especially with Stagg's skills to pick up things - and your eye for the documentary - it would be awesome -

Yes, the world has gone crazy - even since you left here. It's not going to stop, I'm sure - I keep studying and its driving many of my peeps mad, or off - but nuclear plants in US built on fault lines - etc., etc....seems like everything is lining up for - - - WHAT?

I'm calling it a major shift. That's all I can say - I felt in my soul a great shaking and its been very hard to shake the heaviness - am still not up to usual with the virus, the coughing - whatever hit - - not coughing so badly, but just exhausted to the hilt. Will bounce back, but yes, its interesting that all this happens while you are on an adventure of magnitude.

Sage sends hellos - he was going to text Stagg, but is procrastinating, but talks of you often.

I'm sure you all have been a big blessing to all who you've come in contact with.

I love St. Charles Street!