Thursday, September 08, 2011


Tonight Tricia and her mum came downtown and we all went to a Cubs game. This was my first visit and game to Wrigley Field and it was awesome. The Cubs won! We had a beautiful evening with divine weather. I love this is so beautiful and people friendly. I hope it never changes.

I love this old score board it is all done manually. If you click on the above photo and stretch it you can see two guys up there in one of the open spots. Their job is to move the score pieces and update the scores across the country during the game.

I accidentlly pressed video instead of photo so this is a very short video of us at the game...


mister anchovy said...

That sounds like a great time!

X. Dell said...

Unfortunately, your Cubbies won at the expense of my Reds. Forgive me for not joining in your celebration.

I've watched a couple of games from the Wrigley bleachers, as well as one in old Comisky Park (I have seen the new one from the Dan Ryan, however). Wrigley is a fantastic place to see a ballgame. 'It's one of the most charming ballparks in the world. I'm glad you went.

Candy Minx said...

Mr A, so fun!

X Del, aw sorry about that! Hey, when I first met Tricia we were were talking about baseball and i said something about the Blue Jays and World Series and she said "Who?" We just had to be friends after that.