Sunday, September 04, 2011


I don't care how many times this gets played on the radio...I just don't get sick of it. So good vibes...unh unh...


Furtheron said...

I'm clearly getting old - I said to my daughter - this is a great song if only that numpty would stop talking over Otis... she pointed out that since Jay-Z is one of the foremost influential artists of the hip-hop genre in the last decade he cannot in all reasonableness be called a "numpty"... fair point maybe and I like his work with Linkin Park on the live DVD I've got (Road to Revolution)... however it is Otis - could can't talk over Otis! :-)

Candy Minx said...

Hi Furtheron, I don't think it's about age. Not really. I think change is difficult. And each of us has ideas of what is music or art and each of us has ideas of what we know and have experienced. Theres o way anyone would have predicted that "hallow ground" like our beloved favourite songs, or musicians would not only be covered with new versons...but there albums would be literally inserted in re-generated songs/sounds/mixes...way back when listening to the original recordings. So I think there is a natural fear, and a natural territorial confusion to hear a beloved song being used in such a way such a new way. And you are a very talented experienced musician, and I believe it might be even more difficult with your experience and hardwork and hear someone come a long, not be able to even play an instrument...and make a huge hit.

There is craft, and precedence in this "samoling" and mash up world we live in though. In many ways if we let go of the idea of someone having a recording being co-opted...we can also see it is being incorporated into a huge folk tradition of "answer and question" and oral tradions and storytelling. Old songs have always been assimilated and passed on from one region, one tribe, and now we can see one technolgy to another.

There is a breathtaking histor to very poor desperate people taking up records and refashioning them in clubs, streets and garages to make a new song that they have given new life to. They may not know how to play instruments...but the anarchy and freedom of the past is lifted. Maybe they didn't come from a whole family folk tradition of playing music together. Maybe they had broken homes with no family music playing or village of musicians to apprentice with. maybe their family couldn't give them music lessons. maybe cutbacks in our schools restricted their exposure to instruments or music..

But they made music with existing music. it's really a beautiful evolutional miracle in so many ways. Not money, not power not entitlement can stop us from being inventive and using our imaginations.

Sure now Knye and jayZ are the entitled and the rich....but they still have to have some pretty amazing talent and imagination to pull this song off...even if it's not ones taste or belief.