Monday, September 26, 2011


The following is one of those weird restrictions in Chicago. This reminds me of the first time I rode public transit and there is a sign on the trains and buses about "no eating" ( and "no littering no urinating")..I get the last two, but no eating is just ridiculous and why would the riders of the CTA allow that rule?) I can't believe anyone would have allowed the following permits to pass city laws...

"Chicagoans planning to hold garage, yard and apartment sales can obtain their required permits at any of the city's 50 ward sanitation offices. Locations of these ward offices can also be obtained by calling the city's 311 non-emergency number.

As of October 1, 1996, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance requiring such permits to guard against seemingly perpetual yard sales that actually were serving as unlicensed retail operations in residential neighborhoods. The ordinance limits each household to two per calendar year, unless a third sale is needed because the applicant is moving permanently from their residence.

All such sales are limited in duration to three consecutive days between 9:00 a.m. and sunset. In case of rain, the sale can be held during the next three days after the permit period, but is still limited to three total days. If more than one household is joining in a single sale, each household needs its own permit even if the sale is at the address of only one participating household.

The ordinance specifically prohibits advertising these sales with signs posted anywhere except on the property where the sale is taking place. Violators face fines ranging from $50 to $500 with each day representing a separate offense.

Charitable organizations, churches and schools are exempt from the ordinance. To get your permit, complete the attached application form and mail it at least two weeks prior to the starting date."

9 comments: said...

I cant believe how rediculous this sounds. oh boy oh boy.. No eating on the bus.. I think we can still do that here.. I havent had to ride the bus in years.. but yikes..

Candy Minx said...

Oh I was so weirded out when I first came here and there was no eating on the bus. My god...if people are so busy and trying to do stuff they need to eat while traveling...they should be allowed to eat. What bugs me why did people of Chicago LET that kind of law go through? And then a permit for a garage sale? Sheesh....that is ridiculous.


X. Dell said...

Something similar going on in my neighborhood. Neighborhood kids aren't allowed to mow lawns, rake leaves or shovel walks unless they have permits. I would have been up to my tail in red tape if I were born in 1998.

tif said...

um, if you are so busy you have to eat on public transit you have fucked up somewhere. take a break. sit in a park, at the bus stop and eat. the last thing i want is to smell your food. mostly when i am just working to get to a place to eat. i have seen people clip finger nails, put on make up, paint toes, and one million other odd bathroom or home related things. the problem with the world is not that we anr not permitted to eat on a bus but that we feel we need to in order to "get everything done" as for the yard sale issue, TOO FUNNY! god i have a few houses near me that as soon as most of the snow melts are out on the sidewalk with the stuff they don't need every day! eyesore? sure. is it hard to get past all the crap all over the sidewalk? yup. but i think it is great that they are working hard to better the home and use the time outside to make a buck or two.

as for kids, they need jobs, little ones. shit if they want to spend the time a kid should be able to shovel and rake every house they want. that is a really stupid law.

but really, for the love of pete stop eating on public transit.

Janet said...

in DC, on the Metro, there is also no eating or drinking allowed. Having ridden on the T in Boston, I can see why! People just don't clean up after themselves, empty bottles roll back and forth, half eaten sandwiches are squished into the floor and between the crevices of the bottom of one's shoes, if they're not careful...and sometimes even if they are!

Stagg said...

I like how when itza slow newscycle-the local media start researching Chicago's laws n' how they came 2 B !!


D said...

Like most things, the Garage Sale thing comes down to money. There were many "Garage Sales" held that were really just people opening a store in their garage. People would buy new clothing, food items, knick-knacks, etc at a wholesale distributor + then have a "Garage Sale" every Fri.-Sun. So what you basically had was a Dollar Store/Marshalls being weekly run out of a garage.

The City (and actually I think it's Statewide) got pissed that they were missing out on sales tax collection. Thus the permit nonsense.

You're supposed to report the sales as income earned at a garage sales as well - I'd think the permit application makes that easier to track as well. Then again, who knows if this part is enforced.

"No Eating" on the bus/train ... although it's been about 8 years since I took trains or busses regularly ... was never enforced unless you were drinkin' booze or just bein' a douchebag. Although the booze thing was also very lax at different times.

mister anchovy said...

geez if the guy who lived next door to me had a garage sale or three or four weekends in a row, I couldn't care less, go to town, but if he opened a business selling stuff off his front lawn every weekend, all season every year, I'm pretty sure I would get irritated. I suspect that any bylaws in the Toronto area about this are driven not by tax revenue but by City Councillors riddled by complaints from residents. Of course that isn't to say that retail and residential, can't mix. They do all the time in areas with stores and apartments above.

Anonymous said...

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