Monday, September 19, 2011

Spring Fall Cleaning And Stuff

Tricia's dad sent a bunch of tomatoes to us. YUMMY! Here are some cute Roma tomatoes on the window sill and I blanched some regular tomatoes to make a sauce. We made bacon and tomato sandwiches with some too. Crackers and cheese and tomatos. What on earth do we eat the rest of the year when there aren't fresh tomatoes? The ones in the winter at grocery store feel and taste like chalk just about.

T was in town for the weekend and she helped me go through a closet in the basement to put my clothes in. Sometimes just having someone keep you company while you do a chore really helps. Later....I hung up my wedding dress near Grandmas wedding dress. And I had the strangest feeling. Emotional. But I can't express it.

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Beautiful photo's... Its emotional to lose someone then do what you did.. Anyway I wanted to say hello and see how things are going since you got home.