Friday, July 03, 2009

The Band Is In The House

I'm not kidding, the band is in our house! We've got the guys settling into our studio this weekend. (see this post here). Here they are all tucked in and watching Borat. They arrived tonight from Sacramento and are playing around Chicago this weekend. Tonight we went out for pizza and beer. I met Christian...I thought 10 years ago but we realized tonight it was well over 13 years ago! We met online at the Cormac McCarthy forum. Stagg and I bought a couple of his cds a while ago and we were pretty excited when Christian said he was going to be in Chicago this weekend. The whole band are really awesome and it was a lot of fun to talk music and movies over pizza.

Chicago deep dish pizza...YUM!

Songs For Presidents...see the restaurant sign behind the band?


X. Dell said...

Interesting video concept (working with puppets). Interesting business model for their label, too. Good to see it going (strong or otherwise) after eight years, without major-label distribution.

I take it you're a long-time fan. Ever think about doing music videos?

Just a thought. Planting a seed somewhere.

I hope your friends enjoy their stay with you. When I was on the road, I would have loved to have camped out on the floor of a friend's house.

Gardenia said...

What fun! Life is never dull with you guys!

Candy Minx said...

X-Dell, I totally want to do a music video or a hundred. It's just so far, not worked out. I even wrote a couple of scripts for band videos over the years. Uh, I had no idea Christian was a musician for years. We met at an online literary webboard about 13 years ago. He was always very pithy and a sort of purist...who I was half intimidated by and half in awe heh heh. And a few years ago somebody on the web board said something about one of his cds. And so I contacted his web page and we bought a couple cds.

I thought that video with the puppets was absolutely brilliant. I just love it. It's amazing to me how simple the card board is yet how animated the figures become. They really seem to have a life and yet it's also totally hilarious and low-tech.

You know you've kind of touched on something about a project going strong without "major label supprt"...something that has always interested me. And that is the very quiet reality of a lot of the music and art that interests me is stuff thaat really has no audience...And a lot of "famous artists" are making this unknow stuff. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth paints. David Lynch has begun to sing. A lot of people have not been making money by some of their passions...and it's fascinating to me that this includes well established financially and critically sucessful artists like Lynch or Gordon.

I'm going to post a link to Trnet Reznor's free music. He made soundtracks so people making videos can use his music. He also has an interesting interview about this online which I will link in a day or check back.

Candy Minx said...

Hey Gardenia, we cross-posted!

We are just off to see the band play near Wicker Park right now. Hey come stay with us. We've got a whole bedroom for you anytime!

brassawe said...

But I only see one mattress! That is hard core to be able to sleep on a bare floor.

Have fun, Candy.