Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Search Words That Brought People Here


Total 78,530
Average Per Day 89
Average Visit Length 1:30
Last Hour 3
Today 29
This Week 622

I haven't listed search words that brought people to this blog in a long LOOONNNGGGG time. I used to list them all the time, like once a week but it seemed like a lot of the words were "same old same old"...but today I saw a couple of funny ones so here is a list from the recent activity. I'm getting darn close to 80,000 visitors hitting this joint, I was surprised to see that today on my site meter. I was also surprised that almost no one has noticed that I lost my template. I was cleaning up a problem on my template a few weeks ago..and had to remove my header and everything...and I have no idea how to put it back. So now my blog is back to it's original ghetto standard format. Actually I don't mind so much.

house machine for living
kiss them for
lola rennt gnostic
guy maddin foley
congratulations madonna
on turntable
favorite female
pinata protest
pre-raphelites were punk rockers of their day
male supermodels
cormac, mccarthy, has, unmistakable, prose, style, what, you, see, the, most, distinctive, features, that, style, how, the, writing, the, road, some, ways, more, like, poetry, than, narrative, prose
ending blood meridian
pop stars and sunglasses
history masterbation
christian, know, therell, never, paradise, space, and, time, therell, never, utopia, human, history, the, question, have, the, kind, conviction, commitment, courage, and, willingness, serve, make, things, better, the, short, time, that, are, here, pass, onto, our, children
club keanu
cormac mccarthy rolling stone interview
gnostic clothing


* (asterisk) said...

You may be interested to hear that this show is starting in the UK soon:

Candy Minx said...

Wow, that is so interesting. I will totally be looking for that when it gets on dvd or whatever. How terrific.

And here is my post on the topic:


Thanks Asterisk!!!

mister anchovy said...

What I did notice is that your blog is loading way faster.

Candy Minx said...

Mr.A yeah, there was a widget that was slowing things down. I took it off then messed around for another hour and lost my herader. :(

Andrew said...

This post freaks me out.