Saturday, January 09, 2010

Colliding And Collapsing

In our lifetime we have seen some societies collapse including Somalia and Rwanda.

Jared Diamond gives us five things to look for to avoid such collapses:

1) look for human impact on the environment
2) climate change
3) relations with neighbouring friendly societies-do they pull away or end trade/negotiations?
4) relations with hostile societies-do they block resources?
5) political/economic/social/cultural factors in the society that will make it more or less likely to perceive and solve it's environmental problems


mikedelic said...

-- do they not watch ted talks lol?

that was good though i didnt mean to be so sarcastic and pompous. i cant help it sometimes.

mikedelic said...

lol the second part of that comment refers to a first comment that didnt post....

he left out some things though i thought. that was very interestingtho

Candy Minx said...

Hey...when it comes to disussions all kinds of rhetoric may be employed. I myself am all about sounding pompous and sarcastic. Sarcasm, mockery, and satire are all valid aspects of rhetoric.