Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Clash - Interview with Tom Synder 1981

Thanks to The Portland Mercury for highlighting this interview and to Mister Anchovy for heads up regarding the death of Tom Snyder. Snyder and The Clash are charming plus, Snyder asks the band about controlling their album Sanidisita! by content and cost. The Clash produced a three record album running at about two hours and sold it for around 2 bucks in 1980...and it was such a revolutionary idea they were making headlines. Not only that...Sandinista! is one of the most fucking brilliant records ever made.

You can see Paul Simonon playing on the Henry Rollins IFC site with The Good, The Bad and The Queen. Henry Rollins show is fantastic and his site offers tons of interviews and performances with Iggy Pop, Shane MacGowan, Peaches and lots more.

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mister anchovy said...

The Clash interview is fantastic. I love the way Snyder is so incredibly square, but he finds a way to get along with the boys, who come across as really nice, gentle, charming guys. I think what made Tom Snyder a remarkable broadcaster is that he actually paid attention to the people he interviewed and what they had to say.