Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day Long Weekend.

I put this "wreath" on the door about a month ago...made with a hub cap and some glitter from the grocery store. Yep, that's our door mat.

We went to visit my family (see bus window photos) in Ohio, my step-mum this past weekend. That's her house above. We had a terrific time, we had grill with ribs, went to the Art Museum, ate ice cream and did gardening. I feel completely rejuvenated from the few days.

Stagg setting up the sprinkler.
I am not much of a gardener so I had no idea of the great inventions in cool is this dragonfly spinning sprinkler?

Happy Canada step-mum put up the Canadian flag for Canada Day.
The family cat...Peanut. Isn't she adorable...super frisky she's only 1 year old. Did you know most orange cats are male? Not Peanut she's a special orange female cat.


Anonymous said...

Check these pics .

DILLIGAF said...

ginger queens are very rare. In 20 years of helping Cats Protection we've come across 2.

Gardenia said...

Nice post. The photos even are refreshing!

Ginger queens, eh? She reminds me of that childhood treat, a Dreamcycle...a concoction of orange juice and vanilla ice cream.

Glad you were able to get away for a while.

Gardenia said...

ps - the 4th of July door piece is nice! I never thought of putting one up - I love it - :)

mister anchovy said...

geez, I thought the orange ones were all male...that's fantastic.

Red said...

I didn't know about orange cats being mostly male: that makes Peanut super special, and what a beautiful lass she is!

Love the sprinkler, too!

* (asterisk) said...

Loving the pics, Candy. Esp the kitty and the sprinkler, but also your doormat and your stepmom's porchy thing! Hope you had a great Canada Day and a Happy 4th of July.