Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Dream Home

My dream home puts the uberurban Stagg into a worried state...I hung this picture up in my kitchen two years ago. I seriously love tipi's and would love a hundred acres on the Magnetawan River where I would tear down all the farm fences and weed out any totalitarian agricultural plants transported to the great north. ( Actually, I wonder if it was really the tipi that made Stagg nervous in this picture, or the gorgeous wedding dress heh heh)
Wigwam Sam has custom and special made tipi's. Hey, some tipi's are pretty huge with cooking areas and a nice wifi set up would be perfect along with a flyfishing pole and heirloom cabbage. What else do you need to live thin and feel large?

1 comment:

Gardenia said...

Love the dress. Goes well with the tipi.

A friend of ours has a tipi - we went out camping once - it was a great experience - had a cookfire in the middle of the tipi - slept around its dying embers - he even made deer hide dresses for this 3 little daughters.

Poor Stagg - from city to tipi - I think you need to consider a tipi a summer home - how's that sound?