Thursday, July 26, 2007

Milla Jovovich - It's your Life

In 1994, this was one of my favourite songs. I would play it over and over...and yes...that is the supermodel Milla Jovovich.

She made an album The Divine Comedy and I got turned on to it by a dj at Sanctuary. (old goth bar in Toronto)

Milla is an classic hollywood trifecta, persona, she can sing dance and act. This month's SPIN magazine had an article on the good and bad of actors who made records and I was glad to see that they credited Milla with "music worth hearing at least once". Milla has also made music with Crystal Method. I love her voice.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Count me as another Milla fan -- I love her album The Divine Comedy. :)

Gardenia said...

I've followed Milla since she first placed her elegant foot on the runway, but somewhere I missed the music part - and thank you - I hope I can get this on to my Zune - I too love her voice - I also found her album cover very interesting