Monday, July 09, 2007

Tales of A Rat Fink

The Beatnik Bandit #2 designed by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.
We watched Ron Mann's film Tales of A Rat Fink this past weekend and what a great movie. I'm a bit of a fan of Ron Mann's even went to a premiere party in New York City in the 80's for his Comic Book Confidential at a shindig in MARRS nightclub. Did you know that Ed Roth used to paint custom cars and one day he drew some pics on his t-shirt. The rest is a cultural shift that you are probably reflecting right now...that is if you have anything on the front of your t-shirt. It was "Big Daddy's" idea. He hated Mickey Mouse and drew the Rat Fink. Like wow.

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Gardenia said...

What beautiful car art. Ha, rats are coming up all over the place. The other night Psycho came running in the house with a rat clutched firmly in his sharp cat teeth. That was an adventure getting cat and rat out of house. Then we viewed Ratatoullie. Hope I spelling it right - and laughed and laughed and laughed our way through it. Now the cool green rat - this guy is pretty talented, isn't he?