Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Found It! Terminator Versus Cleatus

I'm such a nerd...I really like this robot mascot thingie on Fox during football...but I was wild about these two duking it out...I only found out the Fox football mascot was named "Cleatus" yesterday while trying to find this video (click here if you have trouble seeing video on my blog). Stagg's dad hates the Fox robot Cleatus, and enjoyed watching Terminator beat him up...funny huh?

I am also going to post something about the magical quality of seeing some images be brought to life...more later...(and by the way...I'm finding many moments in tv show Terminator insanely suspenseful! When John Connor had to take the key chain off the neck of a human skinned Terminator who was in stupor...I thought I might sweat piss)

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