Saturday, February 09, 2008

Murder She Unwrote: Women Lower Crime Rate

Baltimore 277 murders. Population2,658,405
Toronto, 84 murders. Population 5,555,912
Chicago, 468 murders. Population 9,505,747
Detroit, 418 murders, Population 884,462.
Paris 0 murders. Population 12,067,000
Vancouver, ?? murders. Population 2,289,900
London, 734. Population, 12 million.
New York, 496 murders. Population
Edmonton, 33 murders. Population 1,034,945

The Canadian homicide rate fell by 10 per cent last year, in keeping with a downward trend that has gone on for three decades, according to an analysis of crime figures published Wednesday by Statistics Canada.

Canadian police reported 605 homicides in 2006, 58 fewer than the year before.

Since 1985, states with high abortion rates have experienced a roughly 30 percent drop in crime relative to low-abortion states. (New York City had high abortion rates and lay within an early-legalizing state, a pair of facts that further dampen the claim that innovative policing caused the crime drop.) Moreover, there was no link between a given states's abortion rate and its crime rate BEFORE the late 1980's-when the first cohort affected by legalized abortion was reaching its criminal prime-which is yet another indication that Roe vs. Wade was indeed the event that tipped the crime scale.Legalized abortion corelated to crime decrease.

How low can it go New York Times.


Martha Elaine Belden said...

i'm sorry if i'm confused... but are you claiming that because women are aborting their babies, crime rates are going down?

Candy Minx said...

No Martha, I'm not. But economists who wrote the book "Freakonomics" are saying that once women were allowed to choose emergency birth control with abortion...that crime rates dropped.

I am not prepared to argue this one way or another...I suggest you find the book Freakonomics...very interesting reading...I think you'd find much of interest...since you and I both like analyzing things and looking at things differently and with logic.

If you do read the book...let me know what you think...they write about drug dealers living with their mothers and why real estate agents don't have homeowners best interests in mind...

Martha Elaine Belden said...

okay... gotcha. that's why i asked... i just wanted to make sure. i've actually heard a lot about that book... i imagine i will pick it up one of these days. first, though, i want to read basic economics by thomas sowell and free to choose by milton friedman. friedman is one of the foremost economists of the 20th century, and i'm excited to learn more. i'll have to add freakonomics to the list.

Candy Minx said...

Yes, Friedman is an interesting thinker...he was rather avant garde at first as an atheist influecing so many politicians. Unfortuantely one of our Prime Ministers got a hold of some of his books and managed to mess aroundwith Canada and we are still recuperating heh hehe... Brian Mulrooney was one of the most terrible Prime Ministers we've ever had...and his political party has nver come into favour since...he and his buddies pretty much ruined the "Progressive Conservatives" hindsight its almost funny....

At least Canadians were able to find out how greed ruins a nation.

I don't blame Friedman...he had some interesting ideals...but his work was abused at least in Canada.