Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mama Anchovy's Chili, Football and Laundry

Go Giants!

Dance workshop was fun yesterday afternoon...then we went downtown for art supplies which is always exciting. Had an awesome dinner too at a Mexican place. I had chicken stuffed with jalepenos and jalepeno cream sauce! I made chili the other day for the big game today. We have been doing laundry all morning while the chili simmers. It's an awesome recipe I've been using from Mister Anchovy's mom. She had a couple of twists to her recipe that hooked me years ago. No beans is one of it's distinctive intense features focusing on the flavours of the chili itself.(she only put a small proportion of beans to her meat and vegies, I leave them out now:too bland and fattening...I think she was on the right track!) She put in curry which I thought was brilliant...we found some wonderful organic curry recently.(benefits too: may fight alzeimers and cancer) I'm looking forward to Alicia Keyes singing a mash up of U.S. anthem and Tom Petty half time show


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and looking forward to the Kitty half-time show.

mister anchovy said...

mama anchovy was a really good cook, with the exception of asperegas and broccoli, which she liked to cook until she was sure they were dead, geletanous masses of mush. Tuffy and I put cumin in our chili, but not the whole curry mixture. Tuffy makes an excellent veg chili. I recall getting hooked on the veg chili they used to serve out of that little cafe at York that I think was called the Ainger, or something like that.

How 'bout dem Giants, eh?

Candy Minx said...

L.M. Well I love those superdog know, at the Winter Fair?

Mr.A. what a game!

Anonymous said...

The puppies in the Puppy Bowl possess no such agility skills, they just frolic and hump each other, the occasional penalty is called and the ref scoops up the poop then the play continues. (total programming genius scheduling it against the Super Bowl every year)

me said...

i watch the superbowl every year and have only missed one since it was first broadcast on british telly in 82!
but this years had to be by far one of the most entertaining ever!
i was a little put out that both my teams went out early in the playoffs, steelers and redskins, but the whole prospect of the patriots going 19-0, and the chance the giants had of stopping them, and throw in the whole "spygate" affair! (i get chance to catch up on stuff not in english sports news as we get the herald and tribune delivered to work) made it just that bit spicier!
beforehand my heart said patriots, but my head said giants. guess i'm smarter than what i thunked i is!
now if only i could finally understand baseball.

Candy Minx said...

Hey thanks for your comments L.M> Mr. A and Cappy...I like hearing how people look at these mega events!