Friday, February 01, 2008

Four Dinners Live DJ Show

Photo of Four Dinners and his wife.
Visitors here might be familiar with blog friend Four Dinners who loves vodka women and punk. The man has his priorities straight. Four Dinners is a DJ and has a pod program but for the first time, he will be live tomorrow afternoon.

His program DRUNK PUNK is online at 10 P.M. U.K. here are times you can listen in various areas:

Montreal: 5 P.M.
Toronto: 5 P.M.
New York: 5 P.M.
Frankfurt: 11 P.M.
Chicago: 4 P.M.
Vancouver: 2 P.M.
Edmonton: 3 P.M.
Madison: 4 P.M.
Albuquerque: 3 P.M.
Dallas: 4 P.M.
Chennai: 3:30 A.M.

Visit Four Dinners blog to download a program to listen LIVE!


mister anchovy said...

Candy, were you able to load that program on your Mac?

Candy Minx said...

Well, I thought I had, now I see I am unable to...urg...that sucks. I'll keep least he has recorded programs that Mac does play at his music blog...

Kate Michele said...

Candy!! Thank you for postin the times!! I was just sittin here thinking i should look that up.