Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lucha Libre Mexicana

Lulu Cafe for a coffee after enchilada's at El Cid.

When we walked into the Congress Theatre at 2 in the afternoon, buy tickets Metalica was blaring on the house speakers. We got two V.I.P. tickets for Lucha Libre Mexicana! Front row seats even though I was afraid we might get a chair or table thrown on us.

We phoned Mister Anchovy and Tuffy P at one point during the show. There was all kinds of music playing, mostly rock, some Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, techno...when an accordion ditty by Cafe Tacuba came on we left a message on their machine with music, screaming and us saying we were at this wrestling event. I wonder if they could understand the message?

This was the best day...good food, a Margerita a beer Intelligentia coffee (which you can get in Mercury's Coffee on Queen Street East Toronto) and wrestling. Gee today is the Oscars it's just about a perfect weekend!

These are all pics from my cell phone and now it looks like the screen is jimmied. Took a lot of video so should be updating my YouTube page soon.


mister anchovy said... that was you guys! It sounded like a bunch of drunk guys at a party, which is what we thought it was. cheers.

Candy Minx said...

EH he...yep that was us...I was hoping something would have come through that made sense...and we weren't even drunk! But we were howling with laughter I could hardly speak into the phone...

You know Tiff and I phone each other when we are at a concert and so I know how chaos it sounds...I would have sent you a photo but couldn't remember your e-mail address...

Gardenia said...

Candy, I didn't realize you guys saw this LIVE! Now with you too, it would have been loads of fun.

Hey, the subway photo with Stagg is amazing......looks like it belongs in a gallery

Red said...

Ringside seats... how fab! Did you get a table on your head after all? Or at least sweat drips?

(Are these your mobile phone pics? They're pretty good. I like the grainy quality, it suits some of the subjects, I think.)