Thursday, February 21, 2008

Giles Deacon

1980's-Darkly...Dark dreams of decadence in Gothic mansions and a jolt of architecture from the 1980s - British fashion designers can't seem to look forward without looking back.

Call it the curse of a country that is forever navel-gazing at its past, or the imagination brought out by an art college training that sees references as a stimulation for imaginative design.

Just occasionally, this magpie collection of ideas coalesces into a fine show. And that was true of Giles Deacon, who was explaining backstage that the puffa street wear from his downtown East End neighborhood was his inspiration, along with the decadent disco encapsulated in light balls creating prisms of pattern on the show set, and "The Masque of the Red Death," the Victorian page-turner by Edgar Allen Poe. Hence the black chiffon veils wrapped round the heads of some models.

Giles, King of London



Not exactly what Caz'd wear to go shopping.....;-)

Gardenia said...

The show looks like a stunning visual. Today I've been looking to see what's coming in the fall of 2008 and started a post.

I'm not impressed with the North Korean look of the puffy stuffing jackets that all the designers I've looked at seem to be doing at least some or a lot. I do like the lean looks, and of course "Blackberry" is my tone of lipstick - have worn it for years. Bambi - for heavens' sake. I'm smitten with pink (a color I normally hate), but Bambi? If fashion weren't art, sometimes I would laugh - but it is a fascinating art. Watched Runway again today.