Tuesday, February 26, 2008

James McMurty--UPDATED


I'm going to spend the day with a friend having surgery so won't have much time for blogging. Sorry but I'll be around to visit tomorrow or the next day depending how thigns go at the hospital. Our friend Jim is having some serious surgery on his back...I'll be meeting his brother for the first time too at the hospital.

In the meantime...read my post on Oscars and Cormac McCarthy...it's a really good post.(below this one)

I just found out a little while ago that singer songwiter James McMurty is Larry McMurty's son! It's seems so obvious now so I'm laughing. Lonesome Dove is a beloved western for many people including myself. If you haven't read it, or seen the mini-series...and you like westerns well by gosh you are in a for a really good ride...go rent the mini-series starring Robert Duval, Tommy Lee Jones, Angelica Houston, Danny Glover, Chris Cooper, Barry Corbin and Robert Ulrich...originally aired in 1989 it has spawned several following mini-series.


Gardenia said...

Fabulous - I wondered where these socially conscious musicians were - if there were any of them anymore - this is really great - says it all. Thanks!

tweetey30 said...

Well wishes for your friend. And I have seen the Lonesome Dove series. Interesting. My favorite all time Western was Bonanza.

Candy Minx said...

Gardenia...it's a great song huh? You can more of them on YouTube and his website. (link in header)

Our buddy Jim made it out of surgery really well...and it's better than well.

He can move his legs!!!

Jim was born with spina bifida and has been brave and active despite many physical challenges throughout his life...including losing his foot ten years ago. Today he had a growth removed from around his spine...with the concern of paralysis.

It was a pretty stressful day waiting all the hours for him to get out of surgery and wake up...but he was cracking jokes two hours later...of course...he's got the really good drugs!

Stagg and I were a mess by tonight but so happy he is doing well.

I was going to stay over at the hospital tonight...but they wouldn't let me...this ties into how frustrated I am by the treatment to single people and gay people who are not respected and afforded the same kind of company and support...that "legally" married people are...and the thing is...it isn't until a situation like this one occurs that you really see how there aren't the same rights or accords for all people.

I left the hospital by duress...Jim's parents are elderly and in Florida...and I was representing...it was hard to call his mum and tell her that the hospital wouldn't let me stay...(if this was Canada I tell you)

But Jim was a hero and a great sport and he promised to stay still until I return first thing in the morning.

Thanks Tweetey for your well wishes...I think they were "heard"!

Thank you to Buddha and anyone else what might be listening for all the amazing people who work in hospitals and caregiving and nurses and non-traditional and empirical healers and doctors!

mister anchovy said...

I'm really happy Jim came through the surgery well!!! Please say hi for me when you see him next.


Recorded every episode of Lonesome Dove back whenever it aired over here.

I might get around to watching it one day.

You've nudged me that way. ta babe x

Gardenia said...

Wow - the true heroes of life remain quietly anonymous sometimes, don't they? I'm glad the surgery was successful.

I'm sorry you couldn't stay with him - yes, that does bring up an important issue(s). Besides, no one should be left alone in a hospital all night after surgery, for a couple of days. That was not fair - you can hire a paid caregiver here, and they will let them stay, why not a friend! I'm glad he got good care though.

Get some rest, angelS of mercy.