Friday, February 15, 2008

Popular Subject: Corny And Enduring...

Untitled by Bill a suggestive image - Henson's photographs have the capacity to translate everyday subjects into images that have special significance or meaning; this is a photograph of a 'normal' suburban street, but the heavy atmospheric effects of the dark moonlit clouds and the silhouetted gaslamp-style street lights give the image the qualities of a still from a classic horror movie; the street sign, strategically placed off-centre, introduces the idea of being directed somewhere, perhaps into the dark unknown; images such as these in the 'Untitled' 1985/86 series cast Australian suburbia as a setting for dark Gothic fears and fantasies from here...

Federal Reserve Boston by Ed Immar.
Lamp posts are popular images in paintings...they are often the only reference to human activity. C.S. Lewis used a lamp post in the Narnia series as a way for the children to locate home. A lantern or lamp in stories and mythologies usually is a stereotype for the human life.

$2,600, 95 cmx115cm. by Jan De Bot.

A Winter's Cottage by Thomas Kinkade
Kinkade's lamp post is a symbol of "hope" and like his paintings in general uses comforting renditions of reality to represent a world with "Jesus's light inside the viewer=If you love Jesus, the world will look like this". Meanwhile a lamp post ina movie is used in a variety of ways, as slapstick with a character walking absentmindedly into a street lamp post. Or Gene Kelly dancing around a lamp post in the rain and spies or espionage where a lamp post is a meeting place in the dark or fog between characters.

Chinese Lantern

Dawn Breaks by Angus McEwan

Green Lantern by Kyle Raynor

Winter In The Park by Allan Linder

Jimi Hendrix beer can lantern on eBay.

Painter Elizabeth Frazer has an amazing idea for her website and art. She makes a painting every day...posts it for a week then adds it to eBay.
Some pics from here...


mister anchovy said...

That madcap Thomas Kinkade...almost forgot about him. Har!

Darla said...

Interesting theme, particularly all the different takes on it. I'm rather fond of the Green Lantern. :)

A painting a day? Wow. That's amazing.

Gardenia said...

Interesting! My favorite is Frazer - could the lamps also signify safety - something deep in our psyche that longs to get back to the warm "place" that the street lamp often symbolizes - a place of light and warmth?

Anonymous said...

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