Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sexy Reader

The other night when LOST featured a scene with Sawyer shirtless reading The Invention of Morel-YIKES! Who could follow the intense shirtless Sawyer...reading. Again. What a delightful invention this dark literary fan is on the program. A good deal of the fun on this show is identifying the books and literary references. I almost wear out my pause button and up close to the tv looking...thank goodness so many other fans are able to catch most of the covers and titles. Yea Google. Is there any other tv show so suited to the internet? If the internet existed in the 60's fans of The Prisoner would probably be like us LOST lovers.

Still from 90's game MYST. I wonder how many addicts (I confess) of MYST follow LOST?

Here is a web page with the books on or related to tv show LOST. The LOST reading list is so much fun. I love it that a tv show is getting many folks to read or re-read old favourites.

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien

For those trying to unlock the secrets of "Lost," this could be the most important book ever referenced in the series. It's visible in Desmond's living quarters in the Swan Station early in Season 2 and the visual cue in the episode caused the cult novel to sell more copies in the weeks following its first airing than it had in the six years previous. But what is it about? The plot involves an unnamed protagonist setting out to murder and rob a rich man, but uncovers a substance called omnium, which exists in a box and can become whatever the user wants it to be.

Jorge Luis Borges declared The Invention of Morel a masterpiece of plotting, comparable to The Turn of The Screw and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Set on a mysterious island, Bioy's novella is a story of suspense and exploration, as well as a wonderfully unlikely romance, in which every detail is at once crystal clear and deeply mysterious.

Inspired by Bioy Casares's fascination with the movie star Louise Brooks, The Invention of Morel has gone on to live a secret life of its own. Greatly admired by Julio Cortázar, Gabriel García Márquez, and Octavio Paz, the novella helped to usher in Latin American fiction's now famous postwar boom. As the model for Alain Resnais and Alain Robbe-Grillet's Last Year in Marienbad, it also changed the history of film.
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Martha Elaine Belden said...

mmmmmmm.... he's yummy :)

Anonymous said...

He's reading Ayn Rand in those bottom pics, makes him less handsome to me.

Gardenia said...

I only watched the first few "Lost" when it came out. I confess to be totally ignorant about it - however it does sound like it is intriguing especially when it is "layered" as you indicate in your post - interesting!

Ann Rand? Boring!

Candy Minx said...

Martha yes he is...I don't have a clue what is going on in this show but as long as Sawyer and Jack keep taking off their shirts...I'll be watching.

L.M. well you know their reading materials are what was left from passengers suitcases from after the crash. Most of these books are unrealistic because I notice a lot of people read John Grisham, P.D.James and other contemporary bestsellers than the artsy books on the tv show. I suspect the Fountainhead's vreference and value to the program is because all of the characters represent "types" of people in society...this could be like the tv show LOST characters. Also...the main character is an artist who doesn't "sell out" and sticks to their own artistic vision rather than compromise for sake of money and sucess. I know quite a few people like that...but The Fountainhead was a disappointment for me ...I was a hardcore Buddhist when I read it...just imagine!? This fits with LOST too because are we an animal who puts individualism before community? Or is our survival different values than Rands...where we would put the community first before the individual?

Gardenia, I don't know what "is going on with the island" or anything on this show...but I love the characters, the adventure and the mystery. Oh yeah...and I love Josh Holloway! I think a lot of people will land up renting the series on dvd and enjoying it...sometimees I wish I would wait until it is over and watch dvds...because it's such a bizarre tense show sometimes...

mikedelic said...

1. is "morel" a dh lawrence reference?

2. ayn rand sucks

3. flann o'brien is groovy

4. hi candy

5. i like five

Candy Minx said...

Hey Mike Brown...oh I never thought of DHLawrence for morel maybe? I am not a fan of Ayn Rand either...I remember I knw one person who liked her books a long long time ago...I think they liked that character who wasn't going to "sell out"/

Actually I wonder if Ayn Rand is where the idea of "sell out" came from?