Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Adornments

Maybe you've seen one of my videos I posted on YouTube of the band Vortis. The drummer, Jim DeRogatis, writes for the Chicago Sun-Times. Here is something about one of Stagg's best friends in this weeks article!

In the ever-volatile, consistently surprising music world, the only "sure bet" is that anyone who predicts a "sure bet" is probably an idiot.

Nevertheless, when pressed to name the 10 homegrown acts to watch in 2008, I have no problem rattling off a list of Chicago artists I'm fairly certain will make considerable noise in the months to come.

Are any of the musicians or groups alphabetically listed below "the Next Big Thing"? I wouldn't bet on it. But they're certainly making fans in Chicago -- and they're all deserving of much wider audiences.

1. THE ADORNMENTS: Though it only recently has started playing out, this gleefully goofy, fabulously unselfconscious rockabilly/New Wave/garage-rock quintet instantly became one of my favorite local bands on the strength of funny, catchy, minimalist anthems such as "Blogs Are Cries for Help" and "Pox on Your Car." Think of the B-52's, the Cramps and the Violent Femmes crammed into a van on a three-day road trip. Then think of them on acid.

Listen to The Adornments here...

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