Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can You Say "Old Boys Club"?

Who knows? Maybe Hillary Clinton's codependent personality is a good one for a President? Meanwhile...this codependence is a major issue of why many people, especially women, do not want to vote for her...this is not usually discussed by political pundits. Many female voters intuitively feel there is something unhealthy about Hillary Clintons personality. Many women beleive that Hillary Clintons' codependence allows her to enable Bill Clinton's marital cheating.

Haven't we had enough cheaters in politics? Why would a female voter elect someone who enables cheating behaviour? It is this subconscious intuitive thinking that may lose Clinton the Democratic leadership she so craves for approval to fill the emptiness of her codependent personality. (co.di.pen´.dens) n. [root ME. dependaunce < OFr. dependance or ML. dependentia < L. dependens]. Also written co-dependence. The condition or fact of being codependent; specifically, a) tendency to place the needs and wants of others first and to the exclusion of acknowledging one's own, b) continued investment of self-esteem in the ability to control both oneself and others, c) anxiety and boundary distortions relating to intimacy and separation, d) difficulty expressing feelings, e) excessive worry how others may respond to one's feelings, f) undue fear of being hurt and/or rejected by others, g) self-esteem dependent on approval by others, h) tendency to ignore own values and attempt to adhere to the values of others.

Who else helps embody the old boys club of the dominant culture than a famous womanizer? I love Jack Nicholson as an actor and Rob Reiner as a director...but is this video really a positive message for all those lost female voters? Rob Reiner and Jack Nicholson put the above video together without the Clinton campaign's knowledge. The film clip of Nicholson saying "there is nothing sexier than saluting a woman in the morning" concerns me the most. A morning salute is euphemism for a man's wake-up hard on. Does this subconsciously mean women are going to get fucked as usual?

More old boys club shenanigans:

Clinton voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq in Oct. 2002.

On Dec. 1, 2003, Clinton said that "the next six to seven months are critical" in Iraq.

In late 2005, with domestic debate intensifying over whether and when the U.S. should remove its forces from Iraq, Clinton stated that immediate withdrawal would be "a big mistake", leading to Iraq becoming "a failed state", but that the Bush administration's open-ended commitment to stay in Iraq was also misguided, as it gives Iraqis "an open-ended invitation not to take care of themselves."

On May 30, 2007, Senator Clinton faced criticism at a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Nevada for accepting rides on a private jet from longtime campaign contributer Vinod Gupta, CEO of the data company InfoUSA Inc. Gupta faced a lawsuit by InfoUSA shareholders for excessive company spending of millions of dollars, including $900,000 spent on Clinton's travel. Clinton claimed she did not violate Senate rules and used the then-current appropriate reimbursement process for travel on private jets.

Actually...codependence is related to "controlling personalities" of which I posted about here a couple of days ago.

Why do we become codependent? What causes it?

It’s widely believed we become codependent through living in systems (families) with rules that hinder development to some degree. The system (usually parents and relatives) has been developed in response to some problem such as alcoholism, mental illness or some other secret or problem.

General rules set-up within families that may cause codependency may include:

* It’s not okay to talk about problems
* Feelings should not be expressed openly; keep feelings to yourself
* Communication is best if indirect; one person acts as messenger between two others; known in therapy as triangulation
* Be strong, good, right, perfect
* Make us proud beyond realistic expectations
* Don’t be selfish
* Do as I say not as I do
* It’s not okay to play or be playful
* Don’t rock the boat.

Many families have one or more of these rules in place within the family. These kinds of rules can constrict and strain the free and healthy development of people’s self-esteem, and coping. As a result, children can develop non-helpful behavior characteristics, problems solving techniques, and reactions to situations in adult life

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Gardenia said...

This campaign exposes our cultural and political systems' misogyny in a spectacular way. The message I'm getting is that it is worse being female in America than African-American in the line-up. Even India could accept a female leader.

Hillary's response to Bill's sexual addiction may have stemmed from reasons for staying that extend far beyond codependance. A common vision is a powerful thing.

The Presidential office has long had a reputation for infidelity with great and brave woman standing strong while the Pres played, for instance Roosevelt and Kennedy.

Maybe some codependance existed in all those situations, but if we all take an honest look in our lives, most of our journeys have been away from the insidious poison of it, either in families, friendships, or our own intimate relationships.

In fact, that is far from my thoughts in supporting her. My thinking is that her experience is her trump card. I think we'd be foolish to think that she didn't have a huge influence in running this country while Bill was technically in office - and that wasn't all bad if we want to look at where we were then to where we are now. This woman has nerves of steel. I also think if she could handle a public humiliation (ya, I know she didn't do it, but behold the word "cuckold" which implies the traditional stance of society inflicted upon people with spouses involved in infidelty) with such grace and diplomacy that she can handle a room full of testosterone filled men bent on taking over the world by dropping bombs and hoarding oil deposits.

She addressed voting for the war in a debate - that she did not realize the President would circumvent the traditional controls of the other arms of government. The decision when made was made from incorrect information that was given. Obama, himself, has stated that if faced with a threat, he would not hesitate striking back militarily.

Ohhh - I want to write more, but I gotta run again.... thoughtful post....