Saturday, March 15, 2008

Four Dinners YouTube Page

I love this video almost as much as I love Four Dinners...and I had no idea he had a YouTube page. Hey...Four Dinners, I like your cabinet with stickers on it...reminds me of one of Mister Anchovy's old apartment he had a similar cabinet with stickers...Stagg has a cabinet at work with stickers too, some kind of guy thing I guess. This makes me feel like we are hanging out...I've popped a beer and a toast to blog pals!


Gardenia said...

mmmm, a virtual hangout? imported beer - yum and laughing a lot...yes!!!!!!!

We went through the stickers on EVERYTHING when the boy was about 5 - maybe its something the guys need to get out of their systems when young orrrrrrrrrrrrr - it becomes an adult thing!!!!! I still have sticker residue here and there. The bigger boy here collects baseball hats, books, and football stats.


They're Jax's stickers as it was her bedroom until I invaded and set up my computer lair in there. Jax didn't mind, she got the bigger back bedroom and, unlike her former abode, it was decorated!!!

Candy Minx said...

Aha...they is girls stickers! Shows what I know!