Sunday, March 16, 2008

Art Criminal Intent

From an episode titled "Art"...

(Goren and Eames are gazing at a Monet)
Eames: It's beautiful.
Goren: Yeah...Impressionists are too pretty.
Alex Eames: Right. You probably like those sweaty, naked people in the next room.
Robert Goren: Lucien Freud. As a matter of fact, I do.
Alex Eames: You can't put that stuff in your home. You can't live with it.
Robert Goren: Well, I'm not interested in living with it. I'm interested in... thinking about it.

Water Lily Pond With Weeping Willow, 1919. Claude Monet.

Girl With White Dog,, 1952. Lucien Freud.


mister anchovy said...

curious they chose Monet, as it seems to me, he gave us quite a bit to think about, particular in his later years....curious alternative too. There are so many ways to look at paintings, no?

I can just see those wooden actors on that show stumble through those lines. Har! Still, good to see a cop show have an art conversation.

tweetey30 said...

That first painting is beautiful. I love watching water flow down hillsides with grass on either side like that. It reminds me of a spring day and listening to the water go down the drains at the corners esp afte having as much snow as we have had.


Well I like the dog anyroad.

I'll rephrase that.

I like the real dog anyroad.

I'll rephrase that.

Oh sod it, you know what I mean...

* (asterisk) said...

Actual conversation overheard by a friend of mine in a Paris gallery several years ago.

American woman: Honey, come and look at this Monet [pronounced "Mo Nay", of course]!

American man: Take a picture, hun, and I'll see it at home.

Candy Minx said...

Mister Anchovy, I think the Monet was chosen because it is long accepted by mainstream as "beautiful"...most people don't realize that many of the Impressionists were really fucking around at the time and even considered ugly. The Lucien Freud was chosen probably because the skin and feeling of horror that the paintings tend to provoke. Small here on a computer they seem "pretty"...but his paintings are far from pretty yes?

I think it's hilarious that Goren loves the edgy stuff in culture he is such a Sherlock Holmes.

Tweetey, I think it's great you think the landscape is lovely....funny...I picked that one because I kind of thought it was harsh and a swamp or abyss or the beginning of life chaotic. What did you think of the portrait?

4D, I think I know what you mean...and besides...Lucien Freud is a total punk rock painter! He reallys ees the human form as combative or creepy. Like...what are her legs doing? It seems an impossible that left leg "correct"'s very much like Ignes.

*, that is hilarious! And poignant seeing as I've posted them small here...and we force art into magazines and frames and canvases...and reproductions...