Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning and Lucha Libre With Emilio Charles.

Well, I am too busy to blog because spring cleaning...yep...I just emptied my kitchen cupboards, wiped them down and then laid brown kraft paper and returned the food...also includes cleaning up and editing the computer.

We really haven't been able to do much the past couple weeks because there wasn't any space left on computer...had to delete some music, some movies just in order to do anything...including adding external hard drive. I was in the middle of editing some film footage and downloading the Mexican Wrestling a few weeks ago when the gravity of the situation hit home...so today I managed to upload a couple of videos.

Emilio Charles Jr.
Real name Sergio Emilio Charles Garduño
Nicknames El Rey del "Beautiful" (The King of Beautiful)
Name history Emilio Charles Jr. (Professional wrestling debut: - )
Family Emilio Charles (father), Terrible (son)
Trained by: Diablo Velasco, Abuelo Carrillo
Birth date October 12, 1956 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Professional wrestling debut: February 1980 - Arena Jalisco - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Height 5'9"/176 cms
Weight 196 lbs/89 kg
Signature moves Flying Splash, Lariat, Flying Dropkick, La Silla, Huracarrana
Wrestling Title s: Distrito Federal Heavyweight Wrestling Title , NWA World Middleweight Wrestling Title (2), National Trios Wrestling Titles (with Vulcano & Tony Arce), National Middleweight Wrestling Title , CMLL World Middleweight Wrestling Title , CMLL World Tag Team Wrestling Titles (with Dr. Wagner Jr.), CMLL World Trios Wrestling Titles (2, with Sangre Chicana & Bestia Salvaje - Los Chacales -, with Satánico & Rey Bucanero).



Yes...right...erm...fat men in leotards...

Whatever happened to Giant Haystacks? He was very big over in the UK.

Actually he was veeeeeery biiiiiig.

I think he died.

Rumour has it they had to cremate him in a nuclear power station.

Don't ask me I'm technologically inept....

tweetey30 said...

Hey miss you but take your time getting back to us. Spring cleaning is important really. I need to do a few things yet. LOL. I finished laundry today.. LOL.. Just waiting for Jeff to come home and haul it upstairs for me where I can put it away..

Candy Minx said...

Yes, I guess you're right 4D, lots of men in tights! UM, we saw this show live...and I have been enjoying the process of just throwing the sequences together without editing or anything...and seeing how they play out...fun practice with the camera ya know? I have been writing a story involving a character who is a wrestler...

Tweetey, thanks for stopping by...I'm a piss poor blog visitor this week...but will make my rounds shortly!