Thursday, June 11, 2009

Compelling Letterman...and Major Pop Culture Stuff!

We tuned in to see Kathy Griffin (LOVE HER!!!) on Letterman last night and Sonic Youth (LOVE THEM!!!) and were lucky to catch one of those evenings that show why Letterman has had the run he has had....he was absolutely fascinating in his rebuttals to Sarah Palin's blog taking umbrage with his jokes about her and her daughter Bristol. I found this segment absolutely fascinating tv. You go Dave!

And here is Kathy Griffin...I love how she cheered him up, and had him giggling...

Kathy Griffin's BRILLIANT series Life On The D-List began it's 5th season with a stunning combination of Kathy Griffin and Bette Midler. I almost couldn't believe we were going to be so lucky to see these two women do what they do so well and so funny. This season is so yummy, with Lily Tomlin T.I scheduled to be on it too. This is total crack/heroin for pop culture freaks like me. Oh my god...Kathy Griffin AND Bette Midler. And Bette is absolute genius at being a catty bitch. I've watched this episode a few times now and these women are really taking the piss out of tabloids, bitches, divas, celebrity...they are genius! They are High Priestesses of Trash, Trash-Talking and Throwin' Down Fun! Jesus, even Toni Basil is in the above clip! This is total old school bitch comedy...I only wish I had been at a gay bar watching this the other night: watching it with my peeps!

There is such a trend right now about taking offense, people having moral outrage at tabloid stories, celebrities pretending to be above it all, focus on celebritiy marriages, splits, rehabs, while humour and laughing at ourselves seems to have gone by the wayside.

It's as if people have such a strong need to be politically correct, they resent it when others aren't being "polite" or politically correct, or is it...that they are seeking out validation by takiing offense? By letting themselves be oversensitive and forgetting to laugh? Or...maybe the trend in getting all offended is because people are watchign celbrities get offended all the time. Celebrities are always saying how hard it is to have paparazzi, to have rumours in tabloids about them...celebrities are always offended by being joked now people act like offended celebrities? It's trendy to be offended? I don't know but it seems to have escalated in the past ten one seems to take offense at really serious problems, like homelessness, poverty, gas fueled cars, water shortages, broken down funding and maintenance for schools...but oh shit, if you say something offensive...or joke about a touchy subject, or have a different lifestyle or opinion about something...look out. Someone is going to take offense and get in your grill.

People are addicted to being offended about petty superficial things...and it is so refreshing to see world-class-bitches in their prime of funniness offending each other, and offending "good taste" by riffing on "class".


Janet said...

I find it funny that she (a certain republican) can turn things around so fast!

Loved watching Bette & Kathy, thanks for sharing the vids!

Candy Minx said...

Janet...I just caught some her comments this afternoon and I was like, she is scary! She is trying to make it like Letterman is some kind of horrible guy even though his entire job is to makejokes and especially about peoples pretensions. You're right she really did turn it all around...again! It's kind of creepy: to see her try to play "victim"...she can't suck and blow at the same time. Is she a pit bull with lipstick or is she a victim of Lettermans satire?