Friday, June 26, 2009

Sky Sunlight Saxon, R.I.P.

What day did Mother Theresa die? The same day as Princess Diana.

While Fawcett and Jackson had worldwide mass fans..a less known but fascinating musician died as well yesterday. Sky Sunlight Saxon was an American rock and roll musician who was best known as the leader and singer of the 1960s Los Angeles garage rock band The Seeds.

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pjazzypar said...

Hi Candy, It is a sad day. Because of Michael's notoriety he will eclipse Farrah and Sky Sunlight. I actually remember that Princess Di and Mother Theresa passed on the same day. Like Michael, Princess Di's demise overshadowed Mother Theresa. Good post.

Malcolm said...

Big props for posting about Sky Saxon. I learned of his death last night. "Pushing Too Hard" is one of the all-time great garage band rock tunes. I plan on doing a post about Sky's death this weekend.