Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Sites...

-Karen Templer (Templar created and managed the redoubtable book site Readerville) has a blog called Collapse and Delight with all kinds of fantastic links and notes.

-Check out the beautiful photos at Lark About..I especially enjoyed these photos of "Dressing For The Garden"...they reminded me of my grandparents.

-The Open Road also has some lovely photos, especially of O.

-A literary weblog: The Elegant Variation

-American Fiction Notes

-Once Upon A Bookshelf...has a LOT of Book reviews

-The site "Imagining Toronto" ...Imagining Toronto is a pilgrimage into the imagined city. Beginning with the familiar terrain -- the ravines, downtown towers, neighbourhoods and inhabitants who give shape to Toronto -- it ventures deep into the imagined city, dowsing for meaning in literary representations of Toronto as its writers experience and narrate it. It explores how the city changes us even as we alter its contours. In doing so, the book crafts a literary genealogy of Toronto, tracing for the first time the long and interwoven heritage of writers engaging imaginatively with the city.

My fix with Toronto is often from these last two sites....and I love Spacing Toronto which is the blog of Toronto magazine Spacing: Understanding The Urban Landscape. Although it is often focused on Toronto's urban issues, it is a great matrix for urban studies in general. As many visitors know I have a fetish with agriculture and it's relationship to urban life and it's effect on how we move and how we think. This blog is JUICY reference material! The site also links to local newspapers with urbancentric issues like public transit.

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