Friday, June 05, 2009

Who Is The Happiest Woman In the U.S.?

The Octomum!

She is at home high-fiving because she's been knocked off the tabloids for the other family with lots of kids...Jon and Kate + 8.

I love studying the fascination and the trend of worshipping at the Church of Moral Outrage that is so popular in the United States. Of course British tabloids are terribly catty and gossipy but they don't have the same tone of moral judgement. The web site "Stuff White People Like" says that white people love being offended read here... It seems to be true and one can really see this acted out on the internet and on web boards. I find there is a very short wick for sarcasm, or joking. I've lost a couple pals by having opinions or styles of arguing they didn't like, took umbrage with, and they got offended. Stagg says people are more touchy here than in Canada. I wonder if Stagg is right? Canada is a self-depricating and sarcastic kind of citizenship...that is for sure. And Canadians are too busy worrying about hockey, donuts to mind other peoples business too much. We're a boring country really. I love the drama of the U.S. tabloid culture. It's hilarious! Anyways, check out the web site Stuff White People's very very funny.

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Just remember we're all different and we all have different perspectives and we all get stubborn and believe we are "right" or "correct". Our egos can be too stubborn and full of pride to be open-minded to other peoples ideas and perspectives. And if this blog or my opinions offend you ....well go fuck yourself!

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Janet said...

seee...I don't think I'm very white at all, I hate being offended ;-)

Sarcasm and I go hand in hand just about everywhere!

Candy Minx said...

Heh well Janet, you know I think you are one righteous babe!

Gardenia said...

Well, my "Amer-Indian" blood over rides my offense. Sometimes, I fall in the cultural trap though, I admit. I think you have some brown blud somewhere in your line too. Yes, offense seems to be a full time thing here in the U.S. - - I notice it a lot when I'm driving - I can be signaling properly to make a turn, but the person behind me just has to give me a disapproving honk because I've slowed them momentarily while I make my turn - and so on and so it goes - - and our fascination with watching public peoples' lives and make judgements - oi.

Back to my ol' grandma's favorite saying, people should sweep the sh__ off their own porches before starting on others. But that's the way it goes.

Maybe the U.S. needs more hockey!

Candy Minx said...

I Love your grandmothers saying! That's perfect! Oh man, don't even start about driving. The thing is...people just drive wild all over the world ha ha. And the blog/book "Stuff White People Like" is really a funny book about how ideas and philosophy or trends are part of economics and sociology and it ultimately observes all kinds of folks not just "white people".

Jason Messinger said...

Yeah, I agree with Stagg on Americans being touchy. Despite Quebec Canada's French influence, it seem that American's really have all those French diseases of the soul - particularly Pique and Umbrage (and Malaise and Melencholy to boot!).

Candy Minx said...

Har Jason. Pique is such a great word. You know, of course there are Canadians with personalities that are touchy. I think that it's tricky to compare because Canada just has way less people. There are bigots and haters in Canada...but we don't have enough people to make a tabloid culture or business worthwhile. And we don't have stars or celebrities and there is less interest in putting idols on a pedestal. We have idols (hockey heros) and stars (anyone who will buy a round of beer) but Canadians don't tend to put ANYone on a pedestal.

What I like about the tabloid culture is it's a great way to measure whats going seems like there is always an unconscious corelation between the outrage of the public and some cultural trend under the surface. Or at least it's kind of fun to see if there are patterns ya know? (and hey...Us magazine and National Enquirer do a good business up north...they are being read and sold har!)