Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ed Paschke

Green Lady by Ed Paschke, 1970.

The Accordion Man 1968, by Ed Paschke.

Ed Paschke paintings in lounge with Daft Punk. (Paschke's paintings kind of were ahead of their time...because they now look like a lot of digitial art made in the last ten years on a computer)

Key Bulb by Paschke, 1970.

Accordion Shoes by Ed Paschke, 1971.

-Jeff Koons influenced by Ed Paschke when Koons lived in Chicago.


brassawe said...

God, I love that Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. I have never gone in there when I did not end up having a ball.

Haven't been there for awhile though. I was not familiar with these Paschke works from there or elsewhere.

Cool. Thanks, kid.

Candy Minx said...

Hey Senor Steve, these are great huh? They are part of my daily posts for the month of June which is the official month of the accordion!

mister anchovy said...

excellent choice of subject matter I say

Malcolm said...

I never thought I'd see a portrait of Marilyn playing the accordion. It's amazing that this artwork was done over 30 years ago!

Candy Minx said...

Mr.A Stagg helped me find these paintings.

Malcolm...don't they seem outstandingly current? It's the way he painted them like digital and the colours I think. Plus they seem photoshopped together or something. I'm glad you got to see these!

asterisk said...

Has Mr A taken over Gnostic Minx?! Loadsofaccordions!

Mish said...

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