Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Eminem Rising

Oh wow...this was one of my very favourite commericals the other night...what a beautiful script and imagery and talk about attitude. You all know Eminem can do no wrong in my world...and I was so excited when he shows up in this advert.

Another one I really liked was the coke fantasy one...

I thought there were some really nicely twisted adverts the other night too. I liek a commercial where I scratch my head but like it. Last week Stagg and I had seen a review of a restaurant out by Grandmas called Hymalayan and we were going to go check it out. Then there was the Timothy Hutton ad where it's all twisted and I thought it was kind of cool. Turns out it offended some people. It begins like its a public service announcement for Tibet but then ends with but you can enjoy Tiobet food. I thought it was surreal and kind of interestingly self-conscious. I didn't hate in fact Stagg and I went bug eyesd because it was for some place we just said we would check out so we were laughing at its twistedness.

As someone who grew up Buddhist as a kid and not only has met the Dalai Lama but has supported some of his causes over the years and spoke against buying any China made products...I was not offended by this commercial. I thought it was super covert. I thought the advert was really clever. I knew it would piss off China governement in a really covert subtle manner.

The truth is people spend money on products that directly put money into the oppressive government of China. It made sense to me to promote spending our money on Tibet culture as a form of showing support with our time, and money. The reraction against this commercial is another example of "outrage" misdirected and reflecting total ignorance.


mister anchovy said...

What a triumph for the ad business. They've managed to get people to look at ads on their own, and not just during television programs.

Candy Minx said...

Heh you know the ad thing is an ongoing deal. I wish more advertisers would put good writing into commercials. I hate shitty commercials and cheap opnes...although that is a great resource for SNL. There have been festivals for them for decades. There used to be a restaurant in Toronto called "The Groaning Board" and they would show international commercials and award winning tv adverts. They even have awards called Clios.