Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Orleans.

Well we're sitting in a bar with laundry machines, pool table, and drinks called "tax returns" formerly known as hurricanes.

We didn't plan on getting here till tomorrow but we couldn't fond a place to sleep so I acccidently landed up on the scaryy west bank highway(I don't Care to do THAT again lol).

We are hooked up to get Memphis busking permit but not for a few weeks. Its not. The busking season there yet. My god was it interesting meeting the folks who are going to hook us up in Memphis.

We drove through an amazing campground today. Tickfaw state park. The thong was though it was 6 pm we were already wanting to be here first thing in the morning so we passed. We also didn't have enough groceries to stay there. It is a beautiful state park and when we get some hotdogs well go back. Maybe in a week or two. We just don't know.

For now it is mind-blowing to be in new Orleans. Were on a neighborhood we don't really know and it's adorable. All the houses are decorated with mardi GRAS specific ribbons, crowns, bunting fleur dis lis. Wow!

Okay later love Stagg and candy xxoo


tweetey30 said...

how long you guys going to be gone?? its amazing and doesnt Stagg work where you have to be back at a certain time? I know he was workning when we saw you guys in chicago that time!!!.. Just wondering. Miss you guys.

Candy Minx said...

Tweetey... Dude all hell has broken loose. Don't ya know. We've been displaced and underemployed. ( we lost all our stuff apartment art posessions in fire in october)We are fear and loathing. We don't know how long we will be on the road. We are just winging it. Our guide is our spiritual grandfather william Burroughs. Our mistress and muse is lila & her soul sisters fortune Cassandra cleopatra sister Kiki lady gaga nicki manaj and our fathers are radiohead sonic youth Joe strummer Salvador Dali Marcel Duchamp Ed pacitcke studs Terkel nelson Algren ... And don't forget isadora Duncan Tom waits Tony Fitzpatrick Alicia Keyes prince Gil Scott heron jesus buddha sun ra George Clinton p funk Thomas frank John Steinbeck tank girl

God help us

ashramblings said...

Candy, I'm singing "Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting on a train..."
Good luck!

Candy Minx said...

Sheila! Baby you got it... And just now the funniest thing happened... But I'm going to make a post about a second....

tweetey30 said...

i knew you had a fire but i did not know nothing about his job.. I have been out of the loop lately.. but glad you are making an adventure out of this and I hope you make a plenty of money with his paintings..