Thursday, February 10, 2011

Witches Coven Vs. Welterweight

Above are two sections of the fight between Ward and Neary. We watched these in Toronto with our friend Scott while anticipating seeing the movie bio.

Go and see The Fighter if only for the haircuts. Wow...what a great movie. I was completely into it as soon as it started and it worked its way into my brain and heart totally. I just loved loved this movie. Christian Bale is stunning. Mark Wahlberg is stoic and determined. Every actor brought something to this family drama (and it's funny). The mother and the sisters are some of the scariest vampire witches and I say put them up against any teen vampire movie and they will blow you away. I mean there were oscar worthy smoking sequernces. The hairstylist should get an Oscar. All the smaller supporting roles were just as powerful, touching and worthy as the force of nature that is Christian Bale. I just got so gripped into this story and almost hanging off my chair I got so into the characters and the family dynamic. Absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful.


Janet said...

I loved that it was filmed in the town I live in!

Candy Minx said...

Wow, that is cool!