Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi! We are staying in Florida this week with our wonderful friend Gardenia. She is the most gracious hostess and has been showing us around town. Town being Pensacola. The only thing I knew about Pensacola was from one of my favorite movies " Contact". We head a lot of fun watching movies and busking at the beach and downtown. It's a really beautiful classic place in Florida. I haven't gotten around to posting a bunch of of pics yet but I will when can.

The weather is incredible. I had to cut off a pair of my jeans, Stella macrtney jeans, into shorts. A good problem to have. Tonight we are making pizzas and strawberry rhubarb pie. And the watching the Swedish movies of Stieglitz Larson. The casting is excellent I gigot recommend these mi ies. We watchedt the first one lastnight and wat hinge the other two today. The actors playi g Lisbeth Salander and Mickel Blomkist are perfect. Go rent them now! Cheers!


mister anchovy said...

sounds like you're having a great time. cheers.

tweetey30 said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the weather while you can.. We are getting snow up here up north.. so enjoy the t-shirt and short weather.

Candy Minx said...

It's been pretty awesome Mr A so far so good.

Tweetey, believe me everyday I am grateful for the incredible weather we are in. Was at the beach all day yesterday!